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    1US Senate Report Accuses China of More Cyber Hacking/Il y a 09 min
    2Belgian Researchers Discover Way to Block Cancer Metastasis/Il y a 1 h 09 min
    3Russian Economy Reeling After New Western Sanctions/Il y a 2 h 09 min
    4Iranian President Denounces Islamic State, Criticizes US Strategy/Il y a 2 h 09 min
    5VOA Exclusive: Family of Somali-American Fighter in Syria Speaks Out/Il y a 2 h 09 min
    6Kerry Defends IS Strategy Before Wary US Lawmakers/Il y a 3 h 09 min
    7Australia Thwarts 'Violent' Terror Plot, Arrests 15/Il y a 3 h 09 min
    8UNSC to Hold Emergency Ebola Meeting/Il y a 4 h 08 min
    9Lesotho PM Refuses to Re-open Parliament/Il y a 5 h 08 min
    10Afghan Election Talks Stall Over Release of Vote Results/Il y a 5 h 08 min
    11UN to Slash Food Rations to Syrians by 40 Percent /Il y a 5 h 08 min
    12Research Finds Genetic History of Modern Europeans Tangled/Il y a 6 h 09 min
    13Russian Lawmakers Propose Cutting Foreign Ownership in Media/Il y a 6 h 09 min
    14Cambodian Residents Fear Eviction from Historic Building/Il y a 7 h 08 min
    15Obama Pledges No US Ground War in Iraq/Il y a 7 h 08 min
    16US Official Tries to Allay Fear Ebola Could Become Airborne/Il y a 8 h 07 min
    17Polls Predict Scotland's Independence Vote Will Fail /Il y a 8 h 07 min
    18Ivory Coast Battles to Keep Ebola Out/Il y a 8 h 07 min
    19China Begins Separatism Trial of Uighur Scholar/Il y a 8 h 07 min
    20South Sudan Tells Foreign Workers They Can Stay/Il y a 9 h 08 min
    21Gunmen Kill 15 at College in North Nigeria's Kano/Il y a 9 h 08 min
    22Blood Test Could Diagnose Depression/Il y a 9 h 08 min
    23US, UN Join the Fight Against EbolaIl y a 9 h 10 min
    24s Farmers Changing What and How They GrowIl y a 9 h 10 min
    25NASA Chooses Boeing, SpaceX to Fly AstronautsIl y a 9 h 10 min
    26'Il y a 9 h 10 min
    27Nature-Inspired Design Collects Water from Fog /Il y a 10 h 08 min
    28Fixing South Sudan: Warrap State Starts Road Repairs/Il y a 10 h 08 min
    29US Government Investigating Young People Joining Mideast Jihadists/Il y a 10 h 08 min
    30Safety a Concern in Turkey Construction Industry/Il y a 10 h 08 min
    31US Proposes Talks Over Envoy to North Korea/Il y a 10 h 08 min
    32Mood Tense Ahead of Scotland Independence Vote/Il y a 11 h 07 min
    33South Sudan Government Says Foreign Workers Directive Misunderstood/Il y a 11 h 07 min
    34Ukrainian Activist in Despair About Future of Her Country/Il y a 11 h 07 min
    35A Dinosaur Fit for Land and Water/Il y a 11 h 07 min
    36Fierce Clashes in Iraq Kill 30 /Il y a 11 h 07 min
    37September 17, 2014/Il y a 11 h 07 min
    38India, China Sign Trade Deals During Xi's Visit/Il y a 12 h 07 min
    39’s 'Open Mosque' Admits Everyone, Including Critics/Il y a 12 h 07 min
    40Poroshenko Faces Criticism, But Still Has Much Support/Il y a 12 h 07 min
    41A With Uighur Scholar Ilham Tohti/Il y a 12 h 07 min
    42India President Leaves Vietnam After Controversial Oil Deal/Il y a 12 h 07 min
    43Despite Criticism, Ukraine's Poroshenko Still Has Much Support/17.09 18:32:43
    44World Holds Its Breath, Mostly Hoping Scots Vote 'No'/17.09 18:32:43
    45Federal Reserve Could Use Policy Statement to Hint at Rate-Hike Plan/17.09 18:32:42
    46China's Xi Begins First State Visit to Rival Power India/17.09 18:32:42
    47Guinea-Bissau President Replaces Army Chief With Confidant/17.09 18:32:42
    48Urine Test Could Replace More Invasive HPV Screening/17.09 18:32:42
    49Games: Olympic Council of Asia Throws Iran Official out of Asia/17.09 18:32:42
    50US Attorney General to Propose More Rewards, Agents to Fight Wall St Crime/17.09 18:32:42
    51Iraqi Kurdistan Church Helps Christian Children Cope/17.09 18:32:41
    52Ebola Deals Economic Blow/17.09 18:32:41
    53Liberian President Hopes US Ebola Pledge Will Spur Others to Help/17.09 17:33:08
    54Saudi Arabia's Top Clerics Speak Out Against Militancy/17.09 16:33:05
    55China Silent on Diplomat's Whereabouts Amid Japan Spying Report/17.09 16:33:04
    56’s Democratic Gains/17.09 16:33:04
    57 /17.09 16:33:03
    58US Indicts Man for Attempted Support to Islamic State Group/17.09 15:33:11
    59US Congratulates Ukraine for Forging Closer Ties with EU/17.09 15:33:11
    60Australia Studies Ocean Trash /17.09 15:33:10
    61New Al-Qaida Group in South Asia Claims Hijacking of Pakistan Ship/17.09 15:33:10
    622 Killed in Eastern Ukraine Fighting/17.09 14:32:58
    63Future of Ukrainian Former President's Estate Uncertain/17.09 13:31:48
    64Obama to Get Briefed on Military Plan Against IS/17.09 12:32:19
    65Kosovo Arrests 15 in New Push to Stem Flow of Fighters to Syria, Iraq/17.09 12:32:19
    66Obama to Get Briefing on Military Plan against Islamic State/17.09 11:32:09
    67‘Making History’ in Forging Closer Ties with EU/17.09 11:32:09
    68Pakistan's PM Threatens to Clear Protesters Camped in Capital/17.09 11:32:09
    69Ban: UN 'Taking Lead' on Ebola Response/17.09 09:31:22
    70Bangladesh Court Commutes Death Sentence of Top Islamist /17.09 09:31:21
    71China Puts Prominent Uighur Scholar on Trial for Separatism/17.09 09:31:21
    72NASA Picks Boeing, SpaceX to Carry Astronauts Into Space/17.09 07:30:52
    73South China Sea Dispute Tests Philippines' Ties With China/17.09 07:30:52
    74US Indicts Man for Attempted Support to Islamic State/17.09 07:30:51
    75Ukrainian Leader to Seek Greater US Support on Visit/17.09 07:30:51
    76Fijians Vote for First Time Since 2006 Coup/17.09 06:30:52
    77Study: On-Site AIDS Test Analysis Improves Treatment/17.09 04:30:51
    78US Man Arrested in River Swim to North Korea/17.09 04:30:51
    79Attack on Colombian Police Kills 7/17.09 03:30:56
    80Obama Unveils Plan to Contain Ebola/17.09 03:30:55
    81Efforts Underway to Reduce Confrontations Between Police, African American Youth/17.09 03:30:55
    82NASA Picks Contractors to Resume Manned Space Flight/17.09 02:31:06
    83Mandela Freedom Torch Set for Auction in Boston/17.09 02:31:06
    84French Government Survives Confidence Vote/17.09 02:31:06
    85Hot Tech Ideas Seek Investors at San Francisco Expo/17.09 02:31:05
    86US Defense Secretary: Islamic State War to be 'Complicated'/17.09 02:31:05
    87Future of Former Ukraine President's Estate Remains Uncertain/17.09 02:31:05
    88UN: Israel, Palestinians Reach Deal on Rebuilding Gaza /17.09 02:31:05
    89South Africa Seizes $9.3M Cash in Luggage/17.09 01:30:22
    90Report: Action on Climate Change Boosts Economic Growth/17.09 01:30:22
    91Under Secretary Stengel: US in Information 'Battle' with IS, Russia/17.09 01:30:22
    92Russia Urges Calm as Currency Continues Plunge/17.09 01:30:22
    93UN: Climate Change Action Boosts Economic Growth/17.09 01:30:22
    94Indonesians Protest Local Election Reforms/17.09 00:31:44
    95Survivors: Smugglers Ram Boat, Drown Hundreds of Migrants/17.09 00:31:43
    96’s Donbas Battalion Commander Seeks US Support/17.09 00:31:42
    97S. Korea to Provide Humanitarian Help in Fight Against Islamic State/17.09 00:31:42
    98Top US General Does Not Rule Out Ground Troops in Iraq: White House Scrambles to Clarify/17.09 00:31:41
    99Nigerian Church Collapse Kills 67 South Africans/17.09 00:31:41
    100US to Resume Vietnamese Adoptions After 6 Year Suspension/17.09 00:31:40

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