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Accord verbe-sujet - cours




It's been soooo looong.. 

Just when my lessons were getting into the spotlight, I had to take a break and I'm deeply sorry for that. School stress whipped me down. 

I've come to make it up to you, so please enjoy!!


The rule is "singular nouns agree with singular verb, and plural nouns agree with plural verbs."

However, there are certain kinds of words and sentence structures that pose special problem for English writers and learners seeking to match subject and verb forms. Such as:

  1.  Plural words with singular meanings (for example, politics and statistics)
  2.  Collective nouns (for example, audience, crew, herd)
  3. Subjects linked by and and or (compound and alternative subjects)

  •  Plural nouns with singular meanings. Words like politics, statistics, mathematics, linguistics, physics, news, mumps, and athletics have the -s ending of plural nouns but are singular in meaning--- therefore need singular verbs. 

The news are surprisingly good. ...wrong

The news is surprisingly good. ...right


  •  Collective nouns. A collective noun is singular in form yet identifies a group of individuals (audience, crew, tribe).
  • So use a plural verb if you consider the people of the group, or a singular verb if you consider the whole group.

The staff has earned the respect of our clients. 

The staff have earned the respect of our clients.

  •  Compound subjects linked by and. Because and makes the subject plural even if one or all of the individual parts are singular, you should generally choose a plural verb.

 Rain and condensation causes damage to the frame. 

 Rain and condensation cause damage to the frame.

This lesson is very wide. I emphasize, "very wide." So I'd love to take it in parts.

Each part will be strictly explained in our future classes.

 In anticipation, let's see how much you have understood by taking the exercises below. 

Fill in the spaces with the correct form of the verb in the bracket. (Singular verb or plural verb) 

Example : Aaron and Lamar ____ (is/are) the best students in this university 

Answer: are

All the best!

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1. Mathematics (is/are) an increasingly popular field of study.

2. The Taki's tribe (react/reacts) to Reverend Cullen's sermon in different ways.

3. My teacher and my friend (have/has) paintings in the show.

4. The group Beausoleil (appear/appears) twice on the program.

5. Both the president and her advisors (is/are) in Tokyo this week.

6. (is/are) linguistics your favourite course?

7. Several large lizards and an eight-foot python (make/makes) up the main attraction in the reptile building of the tiny zoo.

8. The festival staff (wear/wears) buttons saying, "Ask me for help."

9. Our audience (give/gives) you ultimate attention.

10. Sally and the rest of the crew (was/were) responsible for the display.

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