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Lewis Carroll - Partie 2

Lewis Carroll est surtout célèbre parce qu'il a écrit 'Alice's adventures in wonderland' (Alice au Pays des Merveilles).

Grâce au texte se trouvant dans le test 'Lewis Carroll - Partie 1', vous connaissez une partie de sa vie. Venez maintenant découvrir la suite !

Lisez-le bien, et répondez ensuite aux questions.

Lewis Carroll found a surprising way to start his book ('Alice in Wonderland'); he made Alice follow a white rabbit down a rabbit-hole. All the adventures that followed are so fantastic and amusing that they have captured the imagination not only of boys and girls but of grown-ups, film-makers and playwrights.

Depending on what she eats and drinks during her adventures, Alice changes size so often in one day that she ends up uncertain of who or what she really is! Can she be a little girl after all? The pigeon she meets insists that she is a serpent. But the White Rabbit has no doubt about her identity. He calls her Mary Ann and assures her that she is his servant.

Poor Alice! No wonder she loses her temper sometimes, especially when she finds herself sitting down to tea with a mad March Hare and a sleepy Dormouse.

Wasn't Alice Liddell a lucky girl? ANd how thrilled she must have been when she saw the printed copy of the story that her grown-up friend had written for her.

Lewis Carroll wrote other amusing books for boys and girls before he died in 1898, but it is his books about Alice that have kept his memory alive in all our hearts.

Six years after 'Alice in Wonderland', Lewis Carroll published a second book about Alice, called 'Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There'. The ideas for this book came to Lewis Carroll while he was teaching Alice Liddell how to play chess. To help her understand the game he used to invent stories around the different pieces and the way they moved. The chess problem at the beginning of the story is quite correctly worked through in the plot, but those who cannot play chess need to worry about understanding it, as it is so closely interwoven with the nonsense of the book that there is no feeling of missing out on the fun.

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1. How starts the story ?

2. Alice's adventures capture the imagination of ...

3. Why does Alice change size so often ?

4. Who thinks that Alice is a serpent ?

5. Who thinks that Alice is his servant ?

6. Did Lewis Carroll write only 'Alice's adventures in Wonderland' ?

7. Did Lewis Carroll write only 'Alice's adventures in Wonderland' for Alice Liddell?

8. Why did he write 'Through the Looking Glass ...' ?

9. Why did he write this story ?

10. When did he write this second story ?

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