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- CAN: capacité, possibilité, permission.

Ex: it's easy: you CAN do it yourself!

- CAN'T: incapacité, impossibilité.

Ex: No, it's too difficult: I CAN'T do it!


- MUST: obligation.

Ex: Drivers MUST fasten their seat-belts.

- MUSTN'T: interdiction.

Ex: Pupils mustn't run in the corridors.


- SHOULD, SHOULDN'T: conseil.

Ex: You shouldn't be so strict with her!

Exercice : Complétez les phrases.

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1. you help me please?

2. You do more sport if you want to lose weight.

3. You do your homework first if you want me to let you go out with your friends.

4. He has just broken his leg so he play football.

5. Drivers drive over the speed limit.

6. I speak Chinese: it's too difficult!

7. She take an umbrella: it's going to rain!

8. We take photos inside: it's not forbidden.

9. I think we take this road: it's not on my map!

10. You look pale! You sit down and have a glass of water.

11. We stop when the traffic light is red.

12. How you say such a thing?

13. You take the blue one: it suits you!

14. You smoke so much: it's bad for health.

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