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Playing with words /4

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Playing with words /4
Message de here4u posté le 09-02-2020 à 12:00:57 (S | E | F)
Hello dear Friends!

Voici le "Playing with words" promis pour le 2e week-end du mois ...
Je vous rappelle que cet exercice a des règles qui doivent être respectées. Lisez-les bien si vous ne connaissez pas ce travail qui est loin d'être un jeu ...

Using THE 8 WORDS given below (the 2 verbs can be put in whatever tenses or forms you fancy but MUST remain verbs!), 2 adjectives or adverbs, 2 nouns and 2 link words, + a given structure and the suitable punctuation, search your minds, think hard and create AN ONLY meaningful SENTENCE.
- You CANNOT change the nature of the words!
- You CANNOT use two or more compulsory words consecutively!

To TURN - to WONDER - a ROW – an ADVENTURE - CONSCIOUS - INTERMINABLE - NO SOONER – NOTHING BUT - + un auxiliaire modal au choix.

Je vous rappelle qu'« une phrase », une seule, se termine par un point [final, d'exclamation ou d'interrogation], peut avoir de la ponctuation interne ",/; /:/ [...], et qu'elle doit avant tout avoir un sens.
Le but ultime est de faire une seule phrase complexe, mais courte (entre 30 et 60 mots ...) Je le répète : elle doit avoir un sens et sa logique interne ! )
Cet exercice est TRES difficile, , c'est pourquoi il demande beaucoup de réflexion et d'attention, de rigueur aussi dans l'application des règles. Vous ne pouvez le poster QU'UNE FOIS (ne faire qu'un seul exemplaire).
La date limite pour cet exercice est le vendredi 28 février 2020 tard. (Ne pas dépasser 60 mots … Merci. ) Voyons qui fera la plus belle phrase courte ... THE FORCE is with you !

Réponse : Playing with words /4 de maxwell, postée le 09-02-2020 à 12:45:20 (S | E)
This time, I haven't tried to make the shortest sentence. It's a lot easier !

NO SOONER had the public lined up IN ROWS when he spoke up: "After two INTERMINABLE years of oppression, WONDERING why you've been treated as NOTHING BUT slaves, it's time for you, CONSCIOUS people, to TURN the tables and embark on an ADVENTURE that SHOULD release you from your condition!" (52)

Réponse : Playing with words /4 de papillonbleu, postée le 10-02-2020 à 02:44:40 (S | E)
Why SHOULD I do that, was the question I TURNED in my mind during this INTERMINABLE day of work where I was CONSCIOUS, I was going to get NOTHING BUT the last ROW, and not sooner I had flown I WONDERED for AN ADVENTURE of a new kind ! (49)

Modifié par lucile83 le 10-02-2020 10:17
C'est mieux avec un petit "Hello" ...

Réponse : Playing with words /4 de muwi63, postée le 10-02-2020 à 09:29:17 (S | E)
Here is my contribution:😀
WONDERING what I was doing there, and, CONSCIOUS that it COULD be a dangerous ADVENTURE, NO SOONER I turned left on this street lined with an INTERMINABLE ROW of horrible houses, that I thought I should give up because it was NOTHING BUT morbid curiosity.

Apart from the construction of the sentence, due to the rules of this exercise, It could be the beginning of a detective novel, isn't it? 😘😘
See you soon

Réponse : Playing with words /4 de marion77, postée le 10-02-2020 à 14:43:04 (S | E)
Hello sorry for This try, it’s my first one

For the first time in my life, I am WONDERING if I MIGHT go to live on an isle. I am CONSCIOUS that all I need is NOTHING BUT staying alone for a few months in a ROW. À such ADVENTURE could TURN to an INTERMINABLE fiasco so I’ll have to resist to come back home NO SOONER.

Réponse : Playing with words /4 de here4u, postée le 11-02-2020 à 08:15:48 (S | E)
Hello newcomers ! On this thread ...
You’re doing quite well !

You’re right, muwi ! I’ll adapt your sentence into the beginning of one of our future « our Story/ stories » ( go and have a look at the present one = Our Story 73!)
To You all.

Réponse : Playing with words /4 de radkhyn31, postée le 11-02-2020 à 22:51:16 (S | E)
Good evening,
Ok, i wanna give a try ! I did my best on it, but i think there's something wrong... Here we go :
After an INTERMINABLE week of working, NO SOONER was i back at home, i SHOULD NOT WONDER if my dog TURNED my house on its head, NOTHING BUT a miracle could make not this happen but i became CONSCIOUS of my dog was at my grandparents's home for three days in a ROW : What an epic ADVENTURE !

Je donne la traduction, de sorte que vous comprenez bien ce que je tente de vous faire comprendre à travers ma phrase ci-dessus 😫 :
Après une semaine de travail interminable, aussitôt que je sois rentré à la maison, je ne serai pas surpris si mon chien aurait laissé la maison sens dessus dessous, seul un miracle aurait pu faire que cela ne se produise pas mais j'ai soudainement pris conscience que mon chien était chez mes grands parents depuis trois jours, quel aventure !

Réponse : Playing with words /4 de joe39, postée le 16-02-2020 à 18:22:13 (S | E)
Hello dear here4u,
Please enjoy a little historical recollection,
ready to be checked

To TURN - to WONDER - a ROW – an ADVENTURE - CONSCIOUS - INTERMINABLE - NO SOONER – NOTHING BUT - + un auxiliaire modal au choix.

Desaix reached Marengo at 3.00 p.m. and NO SOONER he arrived than deployed his division, caring NOTHING BUT fighting, CONCIOUS that Napoleon risky ADVENTURE to fight in inferiority of numbers was a hard ROW to hoe, without WONDERING about why his commander had made this decision, which WOULD HAVE costed his life shortly after victoriously TURNING the outcome of the INTERMINABLE battle. **60

**Reference: battle of Marengo – June 14,1800.
Immediately after his arrival, Desaix met a very preoccupied Napoleon commented the situation in being as follows: “this battle is lost but we are on time for winning another one.” After a short while he fell, shot to death.
Napoleon had erroneously divided his army the day before, sending Desaix to cut
Melas way of retreat to Genoa, underestimating his adversary who, instead, wanted to face him in a decisive pitched battle which lasted 12 hours.

I wish you, thanking, a great week.

So long

Réponse : Playing with words /4 de taiji43, postée le 19-02-2020 à 11:41:42 (S | E)
Hello HERE4U,

To TURN - to WONDER - a ROW – an ADVENTURE - CONSCIOUS - INTERMINABLE - NO SOONER – NOTHING BUT - + un auxiliaire modal au choix.
Here is my certified sentence without mistakes ????


NO SOONER had he finished his INTERMINABLE laboratory tests that he became CONSCIOUS that they COULD BE failures in A ROW; this situation TURNED worrisome and he WONDERED if this ADVENTURE was NOTHING BUT stubbornness = 34 WORDS


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