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Correction orthographique

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Correction orthographique
Message de allachalala posté le 07-04-2017 à 22:57:21 (S | E | F)
Hi everybody, I need your help to check my text on Agent Carter as if I didn't make mistakes of vocabulary or anything else. You can also give me yours opinions about it, if I succeed to you to see this serie, I will appreciate. :D Thanks for your help and enjoy !

Agent Carter is a Marvel Tv series of action and adventure; inspired by the first Captain America movie. It was created by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely in 2015. She introduces the character of Peggy Carter, interpreted/play by Haley Atwell, see before in Captain America: First Avenger and Whiter Soldier. The series takes place in 1946, after World War 2, in New York City (first season) and Los Angeles (second season), in the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR).

Margaret Peggy Carter is the main character, she is a secret agent of SSR, and she underestimated by her co-workers. For example she must have made coffee, file documents, and also administrative work. Despite the fact she have had all the qualities of a secret agent (handle weapons). She represents a Britannic heroin with a big charism, nothing can standing in her way. She is a feminist icon, defending discrimination in this time in which the series have introduced.
Edwin Jarvis: butler of Howard Stark, helps Peggy in her work
Jack Thompson: co-worker of Peggy (season 1), boss of SSR (season 2)
Daniel Sousa: co-worker and friend of Peggy

Show summary
First season

Serie starts/ begins few moments after disparition of Captain American in New York, in other words at the end of Second World War Carter Agent is assign at the post of titular member of S.R.R in 40 years in N.Y.
Only woman among a veterans team war and intelligence officer. Carter struggles in purpose to show her talents and his lawful place within team. She decides to lead his owns investigations alongside/ with H.S and his assistant Jarvis. Until the day that inventions of Stark finally fall the wrong hands, Agent Carter gets into a tricky business situation: will she inform from the disasters or commit a governmental betrayer.

Second season
In Los Angeles, with Daniel Sousa and Edwin, Peggy tries to discover why a woman was found murdered in ice and why her body was lightening. This work led allowed her to discover a permanent corruption in the society, and the fact that men always want more power and new weapons, like the zero matter wich come from another dimension which has proprieties, may provide powers or kill someone who would be in contact with. She can affect differently people.
At the end of the season, Peggy and the SSR will destroy the zero matter and “save the world” and Sousa. Peggy fell in love with him and decide to stay in Los Angeles. Thompson, who is the boss of SSR and was in Los Angeles too, pack his stuff to go back to New York in his room. But, at this moment, somebody enters and kill him.

Thompson was assassinated, so the SSR will need a new boss, Sousa is the most competent for this so he will become the boss. However he is in Los Angeles and the headquarter of SSR is in New York City, so he must go back to New York.

During the transfer, the car had been rigged leading to the dead of agents and leave Sousa with burns let him to leave from the death. Meaning that the S.R.R is in danger and his dirigents. This situation S.R.R will required to hire news agents. Thus/ this way the young William arrived, who has all necessary abilities to be a good agent. But, for a strong reason, he isn’t respected by his colleagues. A similar situation like Carter lived in the past, before resolved two inquiries almost alone. So she will not be insensitive, and she will take him under his wing. Peggy Carter will inquire on the Thompson Death and try to establish a link with the Sousa’s accident. She will work on the track of sword enemy of SRR, HYDRA

Why you should produce this episode (and season) ?
Many people were disappointed because the series was cancelled this year, and there was no real end to the last episode. So, producing this episode will allow us to make a real end to the series. But we can also imagine that this bonus episode will work very well. This is the reason why we want to make this episode, if it works we can make a third season of Agent Carter, and we’ve already got the entire scenario for this season so, we have to do this!

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