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Oral/lieux et formes de pouvoir

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Oral/lieux et formes de pouvoir
Message de claire18 posté le 25-04-2018 à 17:39:52 (S | E | F)
je suis une élève de terminale S, j'ai préparé ma notion d'espaces et échanges pour mon oral d'anglais, malheureusement je ne maîtrise pas la syntaxe anglaise.
Est-ce que quelqu'un pourrait corriger ma notion ?
Merci d'avance, c'est très gentil.

I a am going to deal wtih the notion of places and forms of power. The power is the ability to influence people’s behaviour in order to live together and where the members of the community accept the rules, regulations, laws. This help the society to create social cohesion. Nevertheless an abuse of power lead to conflit and the setting up of counter power. Place of power are the institution, country but also the house because our parents practise a power of us. According to my, the american power over the African american is the best model to illustrate this notion. So my problematic issue will be : how the abuse of power has led the oppressed to rise different forms of counter powers to regain their rights ? We are going to see in a first time that the Caucasian american abuse of power over African Americans and seccondly we are focussing of the different forms of counter-power settle up by african americans.

First to start we are speak about the african slavery in the USA. That is why i choose the listening comprehension named Origins of Slavery. It is says that the first African slave were carried to America on 1619 and at this time it is not legal but not punish by the law also. Then in 1641 Slavery was legalized. Woman slave used to sex slave or prostitution and man slave used in plantation. They are treated as animals. This viedeo is a beneficial illustration of the abuse of power by the American population over African American because it denounce the unfair power. The aim it is to show that any human beings should have the right to exercise power over another people on account on their race or origins.
Then we have seen an other document that is called the contradiction. We learns that there are a civil war on USA because the North and South of America are in opposition about slavery because the North are agaisnt slavery and South are for slavery. Finally after the civil war slavery was abolished in 1863. Nevertheless segragation was settled up in the southern part of the USA. The segragation lasted 100 years. During this period African american was treat as inferior to the white people because white people have more right and benefit that black people. In this situation we can see an abuse of power again because people use power to adapt the law and continue to treat african american as nonentity.

Otherwise african peole are fed up about this discrimination and dicide to act. Indeed we have the example of Rosa Park that is an African american women who refused to let her seat to a white passenger on a bus. She broke the law because she considered it was not faire. However she was arrest. Rosa Parks and African american community call on the tribunal to denounce this law about the bus as unconstitutional. At the end of the procedure they win. She is considered as an icon of human right and she used a counter power to regain the African american right.
On an other hand we have another document that is called Civil rights movements. It is says that between 1950 and 1960 african american rebelled. Martin Luther King is a pacifist Black activist and the leader of this movement. He conducted actions, peacuful marches, demonstration and speeches as « I have a dream » where he see an America where black and white people are together. It is an idealistic vision. Moreover it is says that he fight for the peace ans against dicrimination. This article shows other forms of counter power as demonstration and the power of langage.

To conclude I could say that the power is present everywhere but we have always a way to counter it when people abuse of power. We seen it with African american, but also in dictatorship with overthrow.

Modifié par lucile83 le 25-04-2018 18:43

Réponse : Oral/lieux et formes de pouvoir de lucile83, postée le 28-04-2018 à 15:28:42 (S | E)


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