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Ecrit /correction

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Ecrit /correction
Message de kusanagi posté le 25-02-2020 à 21:41:39 (S | E | F)
Bonjour !
J'ai une présentation orale à faire et j'aurais aimé avoir une relecture sur mon texte !
Merci d avance pour votre aide

Fraternities are student communities. They exist since 19th century. Their name is “Greek System”. Some students live in a house. Others go in a residence hall of in an apartment. Students who there are do all together: livre, eat and study. They are some who help children and sometimes, the others do sport competition.
Every year, students go in different parties during the open day. It’s called “the Rush Week”. After, they receive an invitation to go their but she is compulsory. Sometimes, students have an advantage because they know people and it’s better. So, these new members are called pledges.
Fraternities are good but they are very expensive. It’s about 910 £ every semester. This is the price for the room and board and the specials clothes for events. What’s more, it takes a long time because we find community tasks, parties, … and everyone must go there. So, they must available 24 hours a day.
These fraternities allow young people to make friends. For example, one girl didn’t know anyone and this is with fraternities that she makes friends. For Patrick Daley, it’s a manner to get accepted.
Fraternities aren’t always the best for the student. Indeed, there are a lot of critics. Some want to help them and so, them impress but the elders don’t notice. So sometimes, new haven’t a good time and leave/left.
They push students to their limits. Heel week is for new students. This is kind of like the baptism here. For example, they must eat food for dog or dancing, … a boy tells that he stopped because he was hit blindfolded by his brothers. When it’s successful, it’s nice because there are many parties. But with parties, students drink a lot of alcohol and destroy their reputation.
Fraternities open a lot of doors because they allow them to develop their qualities, which is beneficial. For example, it’ good for those who live alone. Thanks to the diploma and a knowledge network, it’s most easy for find a job.
University and college are different: at a university, this is fours-years institutions while at college is two or four years. To enter, they must complete questionnaire and sometimes, make an interview. The best universities are Harvard and Yall. But to go to Harvard, it costs 66 000£. Some students request a apply for cursus but the most are free or cheaper.

Réponse : Ecrit /correction de laure95, postée le 26-02-2020 à 13:19:48 (S | E)
- They exist since (article)19th century: present perfect avec since.
- Others go in (pas la bonne préposition) a residence hall of (of?)in an apartment.
- Students who there are: ?
- livre: ?
- They are some : mal dit.
- go in
- to go their (orthographe)but she (she?) is compulsory.
- the specials (pas de s)clothes for events.
- we (can)find community tasks, parties
- So, they must (verbe?) available 24 hours a day.
- this is with fraternities that she makes friends: mal dit.
- and so, them impress
- new haven’t a good time and leave/left: ?
- This is kind of like the baptism here: ?
- But with (pas la bonne préposition ici) parties,
- and destroy their reputation: ?
- Fraternities open a lot of doors because they allow them (qui est them?)to develop their qualities
- it’ good
- it’s most easy: revoir formation du superlatif des adjectifs courts.
- for find a job: pour + verbe = TO
- at a (mettre the à la place de a) university,
- this is fours-years institutions: this is + singulier.
- while at college (sujet?)is two or four years.
- Yall: ?
- a apply: a + mot commençant par une consonne.
- the (pas de the) most are free or cheaper.


Cours gratuits > Forum > Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais


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