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Bac /Myths and heroes

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Bac /Myths and heroes
Message de azertyyuio posté le 29-02-2020 à 18:01:31 (S | E | F)
Bonjour, je passe bientôt l'oral de bac en anglais et voici une des notions que j'avais préparer. Quelqu'un sachant parler anglais pourrait-il m'aider à corriger mes erreurs? Merci beaucoup à ceux qui prendront le temps de lire.

I am going to talk about the notion of myths and heroes. To begin with I will give a general definition of those terms which are slightly different. Myths are popular beliefs featuring characters such as gods or heroes. Even though they may or may not be true they are part of the culture of a society and can be a powerful means of influence. A hero is someone, real or fictitious, who inspires the others by his actions or his decisions. He is most of the time gifted with qualities such as bravery, wisdom and kindness and being a source of admiration, he is often considered a role model. However, each person has its own vision of a hero and that’s why they are as many heroes as there are situations. Then we can wonder who can be considered as such. In the first place we’ll see the American hero, and then the case of celebrities that we admire.
I. Firstly in the American culture, heroes are most of the time represented by men. Indeed, even though times are changing, and ways of thinking are evolving, the male figure remains in our society a symbol of power, leadership and strength. For instance, if we take a look at Tom Palmer’s mural in New York, we come face to face with the epitome of the perfect hero, that is to say muscular, fit and attractive men ready to protect their country and the people at all cost, even if it means death. Indeed, in the collective unconscious, patriotism is essential in being a hero because it implies loving and being proud of your country and having a sense of attachment to it. This is visible in Tom Palmer’s work but also in the portrait of Rosy the Riveter by Normann Rockwell. In both pictures the characters are represented in front of the American flag, a look of pride and determination on their faces. Rosy is different in the way that she is a woman, but she still looks masculine being bulky, strong and impressive. Even though the physical strength and the qualities of those characters are emphasised, they are still an inspiration for the others. These works pay tribute to actual people like the firefighters and the policemen who put their lives at risk and worked hard to help find and save victims of the terrorist attack of September 11th in New York. As for Rosy, she stands for all the women who worked in factories during World War II and played a huge part in the victory of the United States. In this sense these people can rouse a feeling of admiration from the others and can be an incentive to give your best.
II. Next I would like to discuss the fact that famous people are often idealized by their fans who can even see them as heroes. They almost always project a positive image of themselves because when they appear on the media, they show only the bright side of their lives and that’s why some people envy them. Some of their most fervent admirers can go as far as worshipping them. Lady Diana, for instance, was a powerful figure in England because she went against the norms set by the royal family. But can we say that was she did was heroic? When she died, people from the entire world went into mourning, some of them feeling as if they had lost a family member. But the truth is that there is most of the time also a dark side that they kept hidden. Admittedly some of the celebrities do good deeds such as supporting and donating money to charities but sometimes it’s just to make themselves look good to their public. Sportsmen can also be glorified. It’s not really surprising because they are generally muscular, looking strong, and once again the physical aspect of a person is, in our society, very important in the opinion that we have of people because this is the first thing that we see. For instance, Muhammed Ali, a world champion of boxing, fascinated people by his intimidating look, his impressive figure et and his victories. However, if we dig a bit further, we can notice some other aspects of his personality such as a tendency to be full of himself and aggressive with his opponents, maybe a bit too much. Being arrogant is not uncommon among celebrities who may think that there are better than other people. This is the way Gary D. Schimidt, in his book Wednesday Wars, depicted Mickey Mantle, a famous baseball player when the latter refused to sign the ball of a child named Holly Hoodwood because of the way he was dressed. In his opinion he was looking too girlish and wasn’t worth his autograph. Of course, the child was devastated. This story shows that we can’t actually know people only by watching them play on a pitch or through a screen. The real hero here is Danny Hupfer, Holly’s friend, who chose to give back his already signed ball to Mickey Mantle because he wasn’t the man he thought he was.

To conclude, of course the American hero is well and truly a hero. He is precisely what people expect from a hero: physically as well as mentally he embodies a sort of perfection constantly relayed on television, in books or in advertisements. This so-called perfection is also what celebrities are striving for, even if it’s most of the time only in appearance. Sometimes, the real heroes are unknown and unnoticed people who try to make the world a better place.

Réponse : Bac /Myths and heroes de laure95, postée le 01-03-2020 à 10:31:42 (S | E)
- he is often considered (as) a role model.
-they are (they are = ils sont pas il y a) as many heroes as there are situations.

I. if we take (have pas take) a look at Tom Palmer’s mural in New York,
- the perfect hero, that is to say muscular, fit and attractive (point)men ready to protect their country and the people at
- a look of pride and determination (can be perceived)on their faces.
- actual people: people in everyday life.
- like the (pas de the) firefighters and the (pas de the) policemen

II. there is most of the time also a dark side that they kept (présent?)hidden.
- look good: mal dit.
- the first thing that we (can)see.
- However, if we dig (pas le bon mot ici)a bit further,
- In his opinion he was looking (preterit simple)too girlish

GOOD JOB! But too long!
Prévoir une ouverture à la fin de la conclusion: lien avec un autre thème ou une question qu'on pourrait se poser.

Réponse : Bac /Myths and heroes de azertyyuio, postée le 01-03-2020 à 12:09:15 (S | E)
Bonjour, merci beaucoup! Je vais corriger cela et essayer de raccourcir mon texte.


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