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Correction/Torn Apart (1)

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Correction/Torn Apart
Message de krikik07 posté le 14-12-2008 à 22:25:28 (S | E | F)

- Bonjours , à partir du texte ci-dessous je dois énumérer les sentiments des personnages (Stella , Philip et Joe )entre eux j'ai déjà quelque idée comme : (Joe) He felt responsible for the break between stella and philippe ... (Stella) Stella felt pity for Philip, she didn't want to spend her life with him . (Philip) Philip tries loving feelings to stella j'en ai encore mais ce j'aimerais en trouver d'autres pour mieux comprendre le texte , si vous pouvez m'aidez a serait très gentil merci .

Torn apart

For a healthy , happy job

join the Women's land army

World War 2 ... Stella who is engaged to Philip, a soldier has left London to work on a farm so that male farm workers could take up arms . There, she has fallen in love with joe Lawrence the farmer's son . One day, the phone rings .

" It' for you stella " .
Stella left the room . Philip, she knew, was in London for two rights - the much postponed trip with his friend . It was his intetion to buy the ring . He had rung only a week ago, insistent that he was off tto Bond Street in search of an aquamarine . Stella, who tought a Dear john letter was the coward's way out, had decided to stick to her intention of breaking off her engagement face to face . But there had been no opportunity . Guiltily, she hoped he was not telephoning with news of his find .
When Stella had not reappeared after ten minutes, Joe gave up his game of patience, rubbed his face, anxious . His own unease, he observed, was reflected by all those in the room . A long telephone conversation , at Hallows Farm , was a far from a normal occurence .
Stella came back at last . Pale-faced , her eyes swept dryly over each of them . She tossed back her head, spoke with the efficiency of one only just in control .
" That was Philip's mother, " she said ." . She was ringing to tell me Philip's in hospital . He's lost a leg : seems there's little hope of saving his second foot" .
" Stella!" said joe .
" He was on leave in London, staying with his friend in Bermondsey . They had a day in the West End , apparently ... Bond Street . They were on their way home . There was an air-raid warning : they were on a bus . It seems they couldn't get to a shelter in time " . She paused . " Would you mind if I took the day off tomorrow, Mr Lawrence? I must go to London . The hospital . See him " .
" I'll take you to the early train, of course," said Mr. Lawrence .

* *

Stella's train from London was half an hour late . Joe waited in the cold dark of the platform . When finally it steamed in, she was the only passenger to get off . They hugged each other silently, the walked had in hand to the car park . They sat in the bucket seatsof the Wolseley, rich with its smells of old leather and wet dog . There was no moon, dense darkness, It was joe who broke the silence . " i know what you've had to decide" he said .He sense her nod in the dark " Joe ", she said", you should have seen him ". " I can imagine . I know what you must do , what we must do" .
" I don't know what else ... I mean ordinary life has finished for him . Pain, dependency . All the things he hoped for ripped away in a moment . Except me . He was very drugged, of course, but he said he'd be the first to understand if I couldn't go through with it, if I wanted my release ." She sighed " He was in so many bandages, mummy-like . I looked at his face and I through 'How could I have said to this man, who I don't know at all, or love, that I would marry him ? A complete stranger.' Just as I was leaving - I was only with him for half an hour, the nurse said he couldn't take any more - he said he'd bought the ring . He said he wouldn't give it to me then, though: that would be tempting fate . But what was I going to do ? he said, Somehow he needed to know the answer then . It would be his lifeline, or his death "
"So I said I'd stand by him ."
Joe, one arm round her taut body, moved to kiss away her silent tears ...

Réponse: Correction/Torn Apart de krikik07, postée le 15-12-2008 à 13:00:56 (S | E)
Personne ?

Réponse: Correction/Torn Apart de krikik07, postée le 15-12-2008 à 22:22:28 (S | E)
personne ne peut m'aidé ?



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