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Proofreading please (1)

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Proofreading please
Message de lia_sk posté le 21-01-2009 à 15:33:03 (S | E | F)

Hi everybody, Iwas asked to write a A2-B1 text on communication for an esl magazine. Could anybody help me with its correction? Thank you, Lia

Before you start reading, answer these questions:
- Can you send MMS messages?
- Could people read newspaper in the 14th century?
- Can your grandmother use a DVD player?
- Could a homo sapiens speak with his wife 120 000 years BC?
- Are the handwritten letters going to disappear?

Well, you probably are a 21st century child but do you know what was the communication like before you were born or even many many years ago?

95% of young Slovak people have a mobile phone and use it for sending messages (SMS – Short message service or MMS – Multimedia messaging service), phoning, playing games or taking pictures. Imagine when your grandparents wanted to communicate with their friends from other cities, they used letters. It was slower but maybe more personal because handwriting can reveal one´s personality.

Modern appliances at home include: a TV set, a hi-fi system, a PC, a DVD player, a play station, etc... Maybe you cannot imagine your life without some of them. Ask your grandparents what did they use to have at home, how much time did they spend with these machines and what did they do in their free time. Maybe they are receptive to new information and want to learn something new. Teach them, give them a helping hand! They will be happy to look for the gardening tips at the websites.

The modern technologies changed the way we communicate. People exchange ideas virtually when they cannot see the face of their partner. That is a shame because we can learn a lot from people´s gestures, it is called the non-verbal communication. Look around you and tell what feelings do people communicate the way they sit, listen or watch. Are they interested or bored, happy or sad, annoyed or relaxed? The gestures are a part of a non-verbal communication. Can you guess what kind of communication is speaking?

The first sounds people invented for giving and receiving information appeared between 90-40 000 years BC. We do not know what was their language like but at first it was definitely very simple. Now we have over 6000 languages and a saying „one is worth as many people as the languages one knows.“ Perhaps you learn 2 foreign languages and it is good because you can communicate with the people from other countries and travel more easily. And why are you learning English? Mainly for understanding your favourite PC games, songs, chatting on th Internet, downloading, etc...And later on also for finding a good job and for travelling.

Activity: Think about the advantages and disadvantages of the modern means of communication. Start your ideas with:

I think the mobile phones...
In my opinion the Internet...
I do not think that the chat...
The problem is that the e-mails...
I suppose the letters...



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