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Correction /oral

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Correction /oral
Message de glolaw posté le 02-12-2013 à 00:27:54 (S | E | F)
Je suis en L1 en droit et j'ai un oral en anglais pour jeudi 5 décembre . Ayant un niveau faible dans cette matière , j'aurais bien aimé qu'on puisse m'aider en corrigeant mes fautes de syntaxe ou d'orthographe si cela ne vous dérange pas .
Alors j'ai choisi de faire mon exposé sur le droit de vote des femmes aux Etats-Unis .

I.Fight of A.Paul and L.Burns

Before this fight of Paul and Burns , Woman was considered like inferior to men. The men said for exempl :" it's men who make this Country ".
There is an injustice because of the fact that they don't make the law but they must obey or the fact that they pay taxes but they are unrepresented .
So , we can said that women are marginalized ! But , for Alice Paul , it's unconstitutional because they worth as much as men . It's why she said " voting allows self-respect " because like women is marginalize , they lose a "value".
It essential to know that Susan Anthony she is an important person who was fighting for the right of women to vote where in 1869 , she creates an association The NATIONAL WOMAN SUFFRAGE ASSOCIATION . But this project is not concluded and then she dead.
The fight of Paul and Burns is made for voting enters into the constitution so that it becomes the federal level. Because there are some states that already grant voting rights to women like Wyoming in 1869 , Colorado , l'Utah , l'Idaho , Californie , Kansas , Oregon , Arizona and New York .
Alice said to attract women to come together and formed a solid group to show that "Vote is fire escape " and they create the Nation Woman Parti .
It essential to know that this parti had a parade but they were insulted, have suffered vexing remarks. the parade was then trashed, there were about 100 wounded. But they continuous the fight and she made that speech " we ask gouvernment , no special faveurs , no special privilege , no special legislation . We ask justice , we ask equality . We ask that all the civil and political rights in United States are a garanti to us and all daughter for ever"
They decide from demonstrating in front the White House , even if the weather is not in their favor.
the President not like it so he declare war Germany to calm the advance of women, because in time of war must have a patriotic spirit and thus support his president, his country and they do not! Wilson said to justify its entry into War "We fight for Democracy." But it is paradoxical because the united states are not in a real democracy.
But they persist and are arrested for obstruction to traffic. They then said in the court :" This arrest it's paurely political , it's purely polical subterfuge " . And decide not to pay the security deposit because they believe they have broken any laws. The judge then decides they will stay in prison for 60 days when she will be abused .
Anna Paul said " the President Wilson obstacle democracy " and said " In prison or not the woman are not free ".
In prison Anna refuses to eat , she searh justice and make an hunger strike , authorities force feed Anna . Women in the prison were abused.

There is a pressure of public opinion , the media but also the foreign press. Wilson has so and give a speech to say that women should have the right to vote.
the House of Representatives adopted an amendment to the constitution : "The right to vote of citizens of the United States of America shall not be denied or limited on criteria such by the United States of America."
=> On 4 June 1919 it was the turn of the U.S. Senate to pass the constitutional amendment , but the fight is far from over. Thirty- six states must vote in favor of the amendment for it to be definitively confirmed .
=> On 18 August 1920 , thirty-five states have ratified the constitutional amendment. The final battle will take place in Nashville, Tennessee. forty-eight deputies in favor and forty-eight members against .
=> The member of the State of Tenesse Harry Burn who has always spoken against the right of women to vote and be elected in a very conservative district will , against all odds, vote yes . And is rocked 36th state of the U.S. for the right to vote for women
=> explain it had received a letter from his mother asking him to vote "yes , " which earned him , from his critics , the nickname " mama 's boy ".
 = > On 26 August 1920, the 19th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States is finally adopted.
= > The U.S. Court of Appeals says the arrest of 218 suffragettes unconstitutional .

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de me lire car il est long et merci d'avance pour toute votre aide.

Modifié par lucile83 le 02-12-2013 08:33


Cours gratuits > Forum > Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais


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