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Oral d'anglais/aide

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Oral d'anglais/aide
Message de skywalkerannaki posté le 19-01-2014 à 11:56:36 (S | E | F)

Mardi je passe un oral d'anglais sur la notion "Espaces et Echanges" ;j'ai préparé mon texte même si je pense que j'improviserai. J'aimerais cependant que vous le regardiez et que vous me disiez s'il y a des fautes.
Merci d'avance.

A society can be saw from the point of view of cohesion and openness, which raises questions about its inclusion in the world.
The border as a boundary between two spaces is sometimes seen as protection against the other or otherwise opening and appeal to a larger space. The space can evolve and take various contours: physical spaces, virtual spaces....
Today we see that despite a high level of inequality in development. Exchanges of all kinds, "borrowing" from language to language for example and more generally in everyday use, took a new dimension in the unification of areas and peoples, languages and worldviews. Among those whole of propositions offered by the notion “spaces and exchanges”, I chose to treat the case of immigration and American Dream with the following issues: What do the immigrants aspire to? What are the hardships they have to overcome? In other word is the American Dream still alive?

First of all, the American dream has been present from the start. People wanted to become American citizen in order to become independent and get their freedom. The American dream helps make America what it is. The successive waves of immigration have built the country and given it its richness. In the song American Land sung by Bruce Springsteen, he described the USA as a paradise: there are diamonds in the sidewalk, beer flows through the faucets. Moreover he also insists on the work ethic: we can succeed as long as we are hard working. But Bruce is jingoistic, he shows a deceptive and idealised image of America.

Unlike Bruce, Kayla and Miguel, two immigrants, have a more nuanced vision. In a testimony, we learn that Kayla came from Cuba, we can assume she fled dictatorship while Miguel decided to come in order to have access to better education and thus to a better job. Despite the US still gives immigrants the opportunity to improve their lives, to remain hopeful for the future, to live in a democracy, for the two young, and in particular for Kayla, they found it hard to adjust themselves.

However this beautiful American Dream can also turn into nightmare as in the text Facing reality. Some Mexicans are candidates for immigration but are undocumented aliens so they want to migrate to the USA illegally. To do this, they tried to sneak across the border with the help of guides. They depend entirely of them but the American guides are greedy smugglers who have made a deal with them and who are only cashing in on the situation to make a profit. What’s more the Mexicans are treated like cattle by the smugglers, and manipulated by those unscrupulous men. The writer sides with the Mexicans and focuses on their tragic plight. This is a frightful narrative, which raise the question of betrayal. Those who use immigration for their own benefit break the promises of better future in the USA; they lure Mexicans to the States to take advantage of their inexperience and gullibility.

To put in a nutshell, The American Dream is the reason why the whole country is. This is why the first immigrants began coming to the United States and is the reason they keep coming. The American Dream is an iconic idea of the spirit of this country. But we can wonder if the American dream is still within reach of those outside the US ?

Modifié par lucile83 le 19-01-2014 12:00


Cours gratuits > Forum > Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais


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