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Bac / heroes

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Bac / heroes
Message de andsyl posté le 15-03-2014 à 21:40:18 (S | E | F)
Bonjour tout le monde
Je voudrais savoir s'il était possible que quelqu'un jette un coup d'oeil à mon travail s'il vous plaît? C'est une préparation à l'expression orale du bac entrant dans la thématique "Myths and Heroes"
Thank you !

In the notion of « myths and heroes », I offer to speak about the heroes’ definition and answer at this problematic : “ What are the conditions to call a hero?”

At first sight, when we speak about heroes, we think at a superman. This protagonist can use power and thanks to them, he can help populations and do good. In the fiction, the quality of a perfect hero is benevolence, kindness, and of the courage. We’ve got a lot of examples in our literary culture like spiderman, superman or batman.
But in the real life, do we can called any heroes without supernatural powers ? I think that a lot of people can be qualify like a hero. For example we can speak about Wesley Autrey. We’ve got this example in a website in class. Indeed, this man saved children in a subway who was fallen in front of a train. He risked his life to save an other people, so he is consider as a hero. But, if a person do only a heroic act, it is a hero for eternity? I think no, because for me, the status of hero is never gain; but it’s essential to give characteristics said before, and try to help persons.
At school, we have studied soldiers in Amercian war films, for example Rambo, Platon and private Ryan. With extracts, article and trailers, we could see the courage of soldiers, the horror and the consequences at the war. Soldiers are presented like heroes, myths.
But, did we say that soldiers are heroes? Indeed, soldiers are in the army because they can’t do differently, they are required to serve their country. They helped their family, they protected them, but it’s with the army’s intimidation. So we can think that soldiers are not heroes but I think it’s false. Indeed, they are in horrific conditions during the war, they beat for their convictions, they need all the time courage and benevolence to their homeland. Therefore, for me, soldiers are heroes, but not only. In a war period, women for example are heroes too. Indeed, they do hard work, for example in the metalworking industry, to counterbalance the men’s absence. Government try to encourage women to replace men in the factory to prepare the arming for example. They are indispensable, like men at the front. We can give the example of Rosie, a figure who represents the perfect woman during a war period, in the propagandas posters published by the government. Like soldiers, this woman can be brave and help their homeland. Moreover, for me, they can be consider as heroes because after the war, they didn’t have the recognition who they merit. Indeed, a lot of time was essential to win rights to work as a man and don’t be required to rest at home.*
However, in my opinion, the best hero is Nelson Mandela. Indeed, despite his incarceration, he was all the time benevolent and devoted for his country and the population. He wanted give a message of peace, and live in the harmony: he didn’t search the revenge.
Finally, in our daily life, a lot of person can be called a hero because all the time, they risk their life for people: fireman, policeman, doctor for example.

In conclusion, I think we can consider a person like a hero when he(or she) do the good, is brave and when he try to help persons or protect them.

* 1971 They win the equality for the same work between a man and a woman.

Modifié par lucile83 le 15-03-2014 22:03


Cours gratuits > Forum > Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais


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