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Aide/Oscar Wilde

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Aide/Oscar Wilde
Message de mg13 posté le 22-03-2014 à 22:56:33 (S | E | F)

j'ai besoin de votre aide pour m'aider à corriger ce court commentaire qui contient malheureusement des fautes
Merci d'avance pour votre aide !

It is the Irish writer Oscar Wilde who is know to have said " Vice and Virtue are the raw material for an art". In a way the purpose casts light on Fitzgerald's text entitled " The Great Gatsby. The extract on which consists of a description of American society during the jazz age. The writer, like a chronicler, uses the description as a form of speech to air the society's foibles and to paint the roaring twenties's moral. Therefore, one may well wonder how Fitzgerald achieves - in this recognition scene- to showcase the glory of a golden age, the light of being and at the same time the decline which they imply in relationships and the unbearable lightness of being they involve.
To begin with, we will study the message which Fitzgerald wants to delivered with his beautiful decor and this kind of outrageous opulence, and how luxury is a means to an end for the characters. And to put it in a nutshell, we will focus on incommunicability between individuals who are sentenced to come in sight before being.

First and foremost, one could rightfully describe Fitzgerald's excerpt as a social satire. Our excerpt is a scene of socializing, the characters don't know well one other as shown the abundance of imprecise qualifying " a man", " the man", " a rowdy little girl" " he". It seems that this people just are gathered in order to have a party and enjoy life. Indeed, we have an impression of careless from the different characters, the girl is " rowdy" and might be tipsy " she gave (…) to an uncontrollable laughter". Jordan Baker -who introduces our main character- could be characterized by idleness as well, she says that she's fond of parties and prefers large ones than the smaller which don't preserve privacy. This surprisingly tone reminds of Lord Henry from The Picture of Dorian by Oscar Wilde, who embodies the quintessence of a socialite with his wonderful dictums which look like the Jordan's sentence. The author depicts the tycoons's society, the all upper-class is gathered so that this part of society might be maintained. The author extols the " among peers" ideal through this sumptuous party - thus to take part in this social gathering- you ought to be introduced as shown the fact that Nick comes across Jordan who invites him to the party. An other example which shows that people stay within the same circles could be the fact that they are all the same age : " a man about my age " a little girl". In addition they all live in the same place as shown the word "vicinity". The impression of richness is created with the abundance of expensive products as well " hydroplane" but also the champagne which flows abundantly in the party. It is obviously the beginning of the consumption society which is depicted here, all these people who keep themselves to themselves probably work in the realm of finance, cars of alcohol. It is real life-style which is painted by Fitzgerald, it could be a recap from the rearing's twenties. On the one hand , men embody the strength and are very refined as shown the dialogues between the first-person narrator and the eponymous character Gatsby. Actually, they have already met them in Europe during the war and now they have both succeeded and met each other at this luxurious party. On the other hand, women look free, they belong to a new generation, they aren't afraid of taboo. It is the time of the sexual liberation, they got the right to vote and they got ride of their corsets.

Behind this beautiful decor, there is an other reality which Fitzgerald wants to dispraise, however delighted and polite the guests between us, the backdrop is less delightful. First of all, the language itself gives away a kind of torpor in the text. The sentences are very short, Fitzgerald uses parataxis to reveal an impression of liveliness and excitation. People don't enjoy themselves properly, they let of their steams in a passion for life " uncontrollable laughter", " the scene had changed before my eyes into something significant, elemental, and profound". According to Jordan this kind of party where there is so many people that you can not know a third of the crowd, stays pretty intimate. Jordan and the other seem to prefer drown themselves in a walkabout than try to know fellow men. At the beginning our narrator seems to be lost but as soon as he drunk, everything appear to him better.

Modifié par lucile83 le 22-03-2014 23:27


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