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Oral/mythes et héros

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Oral/mythes et héros
Message de meghan66mm posté le 31-03-2014 à 18:34:50 (S | E | F)
je passe bientôt mon oral d'anglais et j'aimerais savoir si quelqu'un peut me corriger ma notion s'il vous plaît.
Merci d'avance

According to the dictionary definition a myth is a traditional story, concerning the early history of people or explaining a natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events. Then a hero in mythology and folklore, a person of superhuman qualifies who is admired for his courage or extraordinary achievements. In the modern world, a hero has lost its ancient meaning. It now means someone who is courageous. Heroes are « heroic », they have «heroims». They help in saving people or society from people, villains or natural disasters, like superman or batman.A hero can also be someone who is helpful, polite or helps people who need it. The word is used in the sports world to mean an extraordinary player or an athlete. Sometimes, the main character of a story is called a « hero » in a book or movies, like Harry Potter.

To illustrate the notion of « myths and heroes » I'm going to present one characters considered as heros Martin luther King Jr. And to present the myth, I have chosen to present the American Dream.
Martin Luther King was born in Atlanta in 1929 (georgia).he was an American clergyman, activist, and leader of the Africa-Américan Civil Rights movement of the 1960S. He was known for using nonviolent civil disobedience, such as during the Montgomery bus boycott in 1955.
He led the march on Washington in 1963 during which he delivered his « i have a Dream » speech. He was awarded the nobel Peace prize in 1964. He was assasinated in 1968. Martin luther king day is a holiday celebrated every third Monday in January. This is a man I admire for his strength, his courage, and his pacifism

now, I will talk about the myth of American dream. The Américan dream is a set of ideals which state that all men can aspire to more than they have if they word hard. The idea of the American dream i solder than the USA it self-it dates back to the 1600s, when pepople began to have hopes for what was a new and largely unexplored continent to European immigrants. People dreamt of owing land and establishing a prosperous business and hopes that this would make then happier.
Today’s definition of the American dream is much different. Most people nowadays hope that they will get married, have two children and live in a three-bedroom traditional home.

To conclude, the history was marked by people who were defended the populations. They are today considered as a hero by all people. But everyone can be the hero of someone. A hero can be an ordinary person like me or you. My heroes are the different persons, anonymous persons who fight against the inequalities in the world for example in South Africa.

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