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Correction Places and forms of power

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Correction Places and forms of power
Message de beucky33 posté le 23-04-2014 à 11:55:06 (S | E | F)
Bonjour! Voilà, je suis plutôt nulle en anglais, donc je compte rédiger toutes mes notions avant l'oral. Est-ce que ce serait possible d'être corrigé ? Merci d'avance !

Places and forms of power.
I’m going to talk about the notion of places and forms of power. First of all I would like to give a definition of this notion. Power is the ability to influence the behavior of people. In order to live together members of community accept rules, regulations and laws. There are different kinds of powers. Nowadays, we're living in a high-tech consumer society, and new forms of power have emerged: the power of technology and of marketing. I've chosen to talk about Steve Jobs because it seems to me that with Apple he has shown how technology, combined with a sense of marketing, can rule the lives and behavior of millions of people. Then I talk about problems create by financial power and how people react.
In class, we have listened a recording which talk about Steve Jobs. So,thanks to the technology he developed, Steve Jobs became famous all over the world. His technology is so revolutionary that his name is known all over the world. Creating the iPhone, the iPod, the iPad and many other things, he earned a lot of money and power. With his rare charisma and his sense of theater, he could be fascinate and convince the crowd. For example, the iPhone was after all just a phone, but its success was the triumph of Apple because his design was working and original. Steve Jobs has understood that the marketing was very important to developed and sell a product. It was the same thing with the first iMac: this computer with a design very different allows Apple to reappear in the economic world. Combining design and technology, Steve jobs has understood that the power of technology could change the way we live. Steve Jobs innovations have changes our daily life and developed a new way of life. Nowadays, many people have an Apple’s product and many people can’t live without. The technology change many things, allow us to improve our knowledges with Internet and allow Steve Jobs to earn a lot of money and success.
However this change and the financial power isn’t still a good thing. Indeed, sometimes, the rich people can abuse their power and encroach upon the liberty of the others. So, Apple, despite of success which revolutionize the technology’s world, was criticized owing to working conditions in the Apple’s industries in Indian. So, the Indians were weak in front of the company’s power. Similarly, in the USA, the financial power is very important and the companies can influence the government. So, populations can be express themselves creating movement, demonstration and protest. This rally and march allow people to contest the corporate’s power. Morevover, they can create trade union to protect employee against the influence and power of the boss. So, the citizen are not destitute in front of the large company and the financial power. For example, we have listened a recording in class which presents Occupy Wall Street, a movement created in 2011 and prostesting against the capitalism’s excess.
Nowadays, the power of technology is very important and supervise the life of many people and compagnies. The power of technology is connected to financial and corporate’s power. This power allow us to live better and to improve our knowledge. However, this is not always a good thing for everybody. But, if we don’t agree, we have ways of protest. (Pour ma part), I’m well aware that the power technology’s is very important but I think that it’s too present in our life.


Cours gratuits > Forum > Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais


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