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Oral /Myths and Heroes

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Oral /Myths and Heroes
Message de tifiore777 posté le 23-04-2014 à 17:09:22 (S | E | F)
Bonsoir ,
j'aimerai savoir si quelqu'un pourrait corriger mon travail de préparation oral et me donner une opinion à propos de ce dernier s'il vous plait ? ( Je n'y ai pas mis l'introduction ni la conclusion).Merci d'avance! =)

Mythos and heroes
Pb:How true is it to say that being a hereo is no child's play ?
1) what make's people become heroes.
2) Wha price they have to and they relatives have to pay ?

1)First, I will talk about the document « Civil rights heroes », in this document we have seen that at the time of her death, Rosa Park was regarded has an heroïne, people could pay a tribute to her body lay in state in Congress. But before being an heroine she has struggled for blacks have the same rights as whites. Indeed miss Bradford and she broke the law by sitting on a white only seat in order to denounce racial discrimination and to draw people attention to their plight. They aimed at raising people awareness about this injustice.
She was arrested but her arrest resulted in a bus boycott, the beginning of the end of segregation resulted from Rosa Park arrest. We can say that her courage and her actions allowed her to become a heroine.
Secondly, I will talk about the document « Dad's shadow », which deals with the profesor Latham readeal .His daugther explain how he has became famous. American become opposed to the war in Vietnam and profesor and demonstrated agaist the American intervention in Vietnam , profesor Lathem headead. People wanted the American governement to withdraw American troups from Vietnam. They expresed their desagreement by sitting dawn in front of university entrance so as to prevent people from working. The profesor Lathem was arrested, his arrest being shown on television made him become famous overnight. He was regarded as a heroe. Like Rosa Park be became famous thanks to this courage, and his involvement in a noble cause.

In the document « Civil right heroes » we have seen that being famous have a price, while Rosa Park became famous due to her actions, however, her arrest has had consequences. Because having a criminal record prevented her from votting, it also barred her getting a job as civil servant. Because of their her having a police record, she was discriminated against. It was difficult for her and the other people who have a police record to borrow money. We can say that she payed of her person for her status, in this document we don't know about her relatives but we can assume that it was not easy at all.
We have seen in « Dad's shadow » that doctor Lathamwas arrested and presumably it has not been easy. But we have seen that her daugther has pay for his status because when her father met people he praised him for being cool. And her father's fame prevented her from, fullfiling herself. She longed for recognition her.Her father wittingly overshowed her , she surffered from a complex of inferiority.

Modifié par lucile83 le 23-04-2014 19:22


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