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Oral /Myths and Heroes

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Oral /Myths and Heroes
Message de mrtotom posté le 24-04-2014 à 16:36:38 (S | E | F)
Hi, that's my text on the notion " myths and heroes", I 'm asking you to correct me and to give an opinion, 'cause I'm scared about if it was too long, too boring or too frightful. Thanks you

The notion I have just drown lots for and which I am going to talk about is the notion of « myths and Heroes ».
Now I would like to give definitions of the hero. What is a hero ?
He can be ..
1. A mythological or legendary figure endowed with great strenght or ability (aptitudes)
2. he main male caracter in a novel, a play, a film whoo can be admired r rejected for his qualities and features
3. a person admired for his or her achievmets, feats of courage, noble qualities and great bravery
4. a champion, a celebrity
He can belong to several categories :
medieval/ modern
national, fictitous, legendary, mythical
A hero is reccognized by society for his self sacrifice

We can wonder how a person can be regarded as a hero or not. Indeed, is a genius a hero because hahas changes the way of living or thinking ? What does it take to be a hero ? Can someone be considered as a hero even if he hasn't great abilities, qualities or if he has not always well acted ?
We looked into the figure of the modern hero embodied by Steve Jobs. To do so, we were asked to analyse and comment on differrent documents : 2 textes ; an extract from a bigraphy, a press article taken from the economist and 2visual docs , a poster and a magazine cover and one recording. We also studied the figure of the fictitious hero, who looked far more similar with a myth. We commented the text portrait of my father, by Barack Obama.

Can Steve Jobs be regarded as a hero ?
The over all tone is laudatory. The first picture is an advertisement featuring Steve Jobs as a young man when he launched his company. He has an endearing smile and he is holding an apple in his hand. The slogan bite that apple reminds us of the original sin when Eve presented Adam with the apple. Steve jobs is actually to the viewer, the potentiell customer, in order to make him yield to temptation. Once you have bought an Apple product, you won't turn to other companies because you won't be able to survive without it. So Steve jobs appears here as a temptator, offering products which will invade our everyday lives and create addiction. The second picture verifies this. The headline is a pun on the translation of Descartes' famous frase : I think therfore I am. (Ipod therfore I am). The first text criticizes Seve Jobs' obsession with art and beauty because he wanted his devices to be both works of art and technological achievments. However, despite the criticism, we can't help admiring him and thinking he is praiseworthy. He created products combinig state of the art technology and beauty. Moreover, in the first text, the biographer thinks and writes highly of Steve Job's achievments and expresses great admiration.
The case of the famous athlet Oscar Pistorius is also interesting. He is the first disabled bodied athlet competing in events for able-bodied athletes and the first amputee to win an able-bodied world track medal. But lately, he was charged with the murder of his girlfriend and risks to be senteced to 25 years of prison. We can wonder if he still can be considered as a hero.
I think that the modern heroes who are totally blameless are rare. I believe if a politic, an athlet , a businessman, a star can command great admiration or respect in any way, they can be considered as heroes. In this way, both Steve Jobs and Oscar Pistorius are heroic.

Now, let's look to the fictitous hero's figure through the portrait of barack obama's father. He starts saying « my father remained a myth ». Indeed, he only knew his father trough to the stories his mother and grandparents told him. And as time goes by, the memories get blurred. In the text Barack's fatheris depicted smoking a pipe which has come to be equated with authority and by extension to wisdom. Thus compared to a sea captain, he is shown as an important figure who embodies leadership. A young african friend of his must have been very impressed and full of admiration. He wanted to try and smoke the pipe, showing he wanted to identify himself with him. The african friend dropped unwillingly the pipe over the railing of the boat. The narrator's father overreacted and hold him over the railing. Considering his pipe more important than a human life shows he was not a very kind person. However, in the eyes of his friend, he was very impressive. E considered the narrator's father as heroic. Thus we can say heroes can also be totally ordinary or even nasty but they become real heroes, extroardinary in the eyes of one person, a friend, a son.

To conclude, as we studied with a recording, people needs heroes. They can find they own heroes in litterature, cinema or in everyday lives. They choose to see the part of what comes closest to an ideal. Thus, I believe regarding a peron as a hero is personnal and some can not to agree

Modifié par lucile83 le 24-04-2014 19:29

Réponse: Oral /Myths and Heroes de mrtotom, postée le 24-04-2014 à 16:37:37 (S | E)
This is the end because I haven't got enough place sorry.

To conclude, as we studied with a recording, people needs heroes. They can find they own heroes in litterature, cinema or in everyday lives. They choose to see the part of what comes closest to an ideal. Thus, I believe regarding a peron as a hero is personnal and some can not to agree with you. It's a personnal choice.


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