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Correction/Lieu et Forme de pouvoir

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Correction/Lieu et Forme de pouvoir
Message de nesrineee posté le 27-04-2014 à 11:54:33 (S | E | F)

Pouvez-vous s'il vous plaît me donner votre avis sur ma notion Lieu et forme de pouvoir ? Je passe mon oral dans 2 jours et c'est la notion qui m'a parue la plus compliquée à rédiger.
Merci pour votre aide.

The power is the ability or official capacity to exercice control, authority (A gouvernement). It can too be a person, a group who having great control or influence over others.
How the power is exercised ? By strength, with violence or not ? Can we resist to power ? We will focus firstly on the differents ways to exercise power : in one hand by streight and autority in south Africa, in the other hand the power of media, tv ect..
Secondly, we will show how to overcome the abuse of power.

The south Africa is the perfect example to illustrate the abuse of power. In fact, when Dutch colonies the country at the end of 18th century, they imposed their law. The Blacks population became the slaves of whites. Then, borned the Apartheid. Whites are highest rated than black in the societe. They have an ultime power on them. When Nelson Mandela protested against this polity, he was gone to prison during 27 years. It's unfair ! In addition, Dutch influenced south africa with their traditions, culturs ect.. We can say that because the english is speak by more than 8 percent of the population today.
Futhermore strength, today everybody is manupilated by medias. You too Miss Bonneron is influenced ! What the medias says, we believe in them. Even what they say is wrong. For example, in the movie The Truman Show directed by Peter Weir. The heroe of the movie Truman Burbank lives since his born, in a large lie. Indeed, all the people around him are just comedians which addresses him using advertising slogans. This movie denounces definitely the power of the telereality show. We are dictated by medias. Advertising is present everywhere in our lives. Truman Burbank is us. The victims of tv. We just are actor of our life, no, we are puppets led by the elite of society who have the money.

How can we overcome these inequalities ? In South Africa, after the end of Apartheid, Nelson Mandela became the first president black of south africa. He had full power. However, he doesn't abused of the official capacity that he had. He don't exercise his power to do evil. He fought during his mandat to reunify the country. He do that thanks to rugby. In fact, as we view in the movie Invictus, Nelson Mandela has done the impossible for his country wins the World Cup. My favorite scene is when little black african, try to listen the final matches with policemen whites. In the beginning, the cops shouted on him, at the end, when South Africa wins, the little black and the policemen whites shared their joy together with smile. It's magic.
Moreover, if we would overcome the power of medias, we have to be ingenius. Indeed, we couldn't watch these progroms tv which waste your time. We have to be productif, for example, reed a book instructive.

Modifié par lucile83 le 27-04-2014 12:11


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