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Oral/ Myths and Heroes (1)

Cours gratuits > Forum > Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais || En bas

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Oral/ Myths and Heroes
Message de sachou31 posté le 29-04-2014 à 14:47:20
Bonjour !

Toutes mes notions d'anglais sont prêtes pour le jour J...Sauf une ! J'aimerais savoir si ce que j'ai rédigé est juste concernant la syntaxe, la grammaire...Et si vous pensez que c'est convenable à présenter le jour de l'oral du Bac ! beaucoup pour vos avis et votre correction Could you check it please?

Myths and Heroes
What is a popular story or belief that evolved in time and that conveys the ideals of a given society ? What is a traditionnal story, concerning the early history of a civilization ? This is a myth. And that what I am going to talk about. Generally, heroes are the legitimate characters of myths. A heroe is considerate as someone who does things that other people can't or won't do. They are ready to risk and sacrifice their lives for others. But I will most focus on the term of « myths » through the American dream. I will wonder why the American dream is considerate as a myth today. First, I will talk about the beginning of the America, with the story of the Pilgrim Fathers, considerated as real heroes. After discussing that, I will concentrate on the concept of the American dream, and things it reflects, which will bring me to my last part, where I will study the negatives sides of the American dream, through the story of the black community in the US.

I will first briefly recall why the Pilgrim Fathers left England, thanks to an article from BBC news, published on january the 18th 1998. The Pilgrim Fathers are the first settlers to have arrived in America, in 1620. They traveled on the famous ship named Mayflower, and accrossed the Atlantic ocean, from England to the American coast, on Cap Cod, near today's Provincetown in the Massachusetts. They about a hundred passengers on board. In the text, it is stated that they were 102 persons, I quote « about half of them Puritans ». Puritans, believed that they were true Christians, determinated to purifie and to reform the church of England. But Pilgrim Fathers were above all separatists, who wanted to separate themselves from the England's church. They left England exactly because they were persecuted in England, because of their beliefs. They were discriminated, and the Pilgrim Fathers decided to go, I quote, « Hoping that in this remote outpost the King's officials would leave them undisturbed. ». Finally, they arrived on the terrotory and established the Pilmoth sttlements in North America. This story, is considerated as the beginning of the story of the America. Everybody in the United States know this persons, considerated as heroes, because they did, whith a lot of bravour, what nobody else did before them.
Today, after the arrival of the Pilgrim Fathers, the United States of America have become a real state, with about 314 millions of inhabitants. The country maintened the idea of an American Dream, appealing a lot of new immigrants, since the 19st century. That will be my next part.

The American dream, is characterized by the idea of an America full of promises, and very attractive. It let people think that anybody leaving in America, thanks to courage, work, force and determination, can succeed. People can begin from scratch and find a work, build a home and a real family or make fortunes. The American dream has always been a way to give a good image to the state. Foreigners come in America to begin a new and better life. A song of Bruce Springsteen, called American Land, summarize the vision of the majority of immigrants having for the country. This song praised the America, described as a land of opportunity, where everybody can succeed if they work hard. There are a lot of rags-to-riches stories in which self-made men climb the social radder and make it to the top. Bruce says that the America is a land of plenty, meaning that the country has a lot of things to offer, like gold and diamonds. This song pays tribute to the working class which built the cities with their hands and sweat.
The American dream make a positive image of the United States. But today, by observing conditions of some communities, we can call into question this concept, and wonder if this is a reallity or a myth. That is what my last part is about.

Concentrating of the conditions of the black people community in the US, we can see that they didn't always had the same rights than the others. And they didn't have possibility to make fortune, in spit of all their pains. Margaret Bourke-White a famous american phoographer, took a picture in 1937, named The Louisville Flood. We can see black people queuing in the foreground. They must have lost their homes and their jobs and rely on the Salvation Army. In the background, we can see a huge billboard with a typical WASP family, an affluant wealthy family, with a car and a jet. The car seems to be about to run over the line of people. The message is that not everybody could realise the American dream. There is also a huge gap between what is said in the Declaration of Independance and reality.

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Modifié par lucile83 le 24-05-2014 18:05
Autre texte sur même sujet posté le 24/05.

Réponse: Oral/ Myths and Heroes de sachou31, postée le 29-04-2014 à 14:48:25
Voici la suite :
The black population never reached the « highest standart of living » mentioned on the billboard. So there is a contrast between the ideals of the American Dream and the situation of the black population.

I will sum up by saying that it is possible today to think about the American dream, observing the story of the black population in the US, but also observing difficulties of some americans today. The story of the America began with the arrival of the Pilgrim fathers, seen as heroes from all the americans, on Cap Cod, and have evolved a lot. People continue to believe on the American Dream, thanks to a lot of good things happened, like the success of self-made men like Steve Jobs for instance. And even if Ellis Island is no longuer a center of immigration, people keep coming to the US. According to me, the American dream is not a myth, it still exist. But in a different form. People have to believe. If you want your dream to come true, you must give it a try and go for it.

PS = You are the best website dream ever.

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