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Bac/ lieux et formes pouvoir

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Bac/ lieux et formes pouvoir
Message de sarah96 posté le 17-05-2014 à 01:46:22 (S | E | F)
Bonsoir à tous !
Mon oral d'anglais approche à grands pas.. J'ai besoin de votre aide pour mon sujet sur la notion de lieux et formes de pouvoir, j'ai choisi le thème de "The swinging sixties" et j'explique en quoi Le Royaume-Uni et en particulier Londres ont un poids important dans le pouvoir culturel des années 60.
C'est la première fois que viens sur ce site et ce serait vraiment cool si vous m'aidez
C'est surtout au niveau de la structure de phrases et du vocabulaire..
Merci beaucoup à ceux qui m'aideront :')

How the United States and in particular London has an important weight in the cultural power of the 60s ?
I will begin by defining the notion of places and forms of power.
The power is the ability to influence people’s behaviour. It is a strength or force exerted or capable of being exerted. There are many forms of power like military power, financial power, authoritarian power... But we will focus on the cultural power.
This year, we studied the swinging 60's.
I'd like to explain why this period is a period of change and which has left its mark.
Cultural influence in the 60 United States is called the Swinging Sixties. This movement is spreading globally. The Swinging Sixties were a social revolution, Young people became a powerful social force.

Music revolution
Firstly we can see that in sixties a new revolution appears. Music is a key driver of this revolution. In fact, the music industry flourished like never before with 'The Beatles' leading the way, followed by 'The Who' and « The Rolling Stones », they have a worldwide populararity and still famous today. They have an influence on people of worldwide. On 23 August 1963 the record label EMI receives one hundred thousand orders in the 45th round of Beatles She Loves You - I'll Get You. This is the beginning of an extraordinary popularity for the Liverpool group. With I can not Get No Satisfaction, the British pop band, The Rolling Stones, became head of the international charts.These large groups of pop music developed through pirate radio. We can see in the article of « The real story behind britain's rock 'n' roll » from NPR, an American radio station, published in 2009. Firstly, Le rock'n roll was first banished British but 20 million British waves listened through pirate radio stations located or British authorities. Despite the ban, the pirate radio continued to broadcast. In 1964, the pirate radio “radio caroline” was the first offshore radio. This war between the government and the radio finallment gave birth to the opening of a pop BBC radio. Thus, it allowed the emergence of new musical styles, especially rock. So, we can notice a revolution in the music field, thanks the apparition of this rock. This style is represented by different group such as The Rolling Stones and the Beatles.
So, at United States the popular music has allowed full freedom of expression.

Fashion revolution
The "super models" such as Twiggy and Mary Quant have revolutionized the fashion of the 60s. Mary Quant, a designer, invented the miniskirt in 1964. Miniskirt revolutionized fashion 60s revealing women's legs like never before. This is a very strong symbol of liberation for women. The model Twiggy, which runs in a miniskirt for Mary Quant, is the personification of this "revolution." Twiggy is an emblem of the 60s. The appearance of the mini-skirt has favored the appearance of panty in the mid 60s. Over time, the miniskirt was modernized and diversified option proposed by the fashion designers collections.The considerable success of the miniskirt led to the development of the tights, and the virtual disappearance of wearing down. So, the 60s are an explosion of ready-to-wear and the encouragement to the young people to dress to please themselves. The document entitled “London : The Swinging City” is a cover of Time magazine, a weekly news magazine. This image combines London as the capital of change called "The Swinging Sixties" it's dated of 5 April 1966. We found essential elements of the capital as Big Ben. On this magazine cover we can see the new look and the bold we can see the new look was bold and the skirts were short. The fashion was colore and we can see the miniskirte of Mary Quant. Now, a lot of woman tennis players wear miniskirt from stretch!

Technology and art.
Although Fashion and music were the main cultural features of the 1960's, London also expanded in the fields of technology and art. Although stylistically different, in the time of the Swinging Sixties David Hockney and Francis Bacon were creating strikingly modern and latterly influential art works. Photographers like David Bailey and Donovan captured the essence of the times in iconic images. In industrial design, the Mini Cooper and mini Austin was to accompany the 'go where you want' free spirited atmosphere of the time, it was small and easily maneuverable. The third document it's an interview between a journalist and three people who have lived 60 years. Mike illustrates this idea by saying « The 60s was the decace in which « ordinary families » could afford to buy cars. In the technologie field, the concord was also a British innovation of design. "It entered passenger service in 1976" (Maree, 59) and changed the way people travelled, "being able to reach the speed of sound (1350 mph)."(Maree, 59). Also, the TV color made ​​its apparition, which was broadcast in 1967. Pete, one of personn who is interwieved say “It was the great time for technology. I remember my first colour TV. Then came transitor radios... Wow ! SO small and battery driven.” De plus, England won the World Cup in 1969, it is the only victory of England in world cup. To finish, the first men step on the moon in 1969.
To conclude, in the sixties, there was a real revolution with many change. The music was unlike anything that had ever been done before and represented the growing youth culture and freedom of expression and lifestyle. The 1960s was an era of increased freedom in many aspects of life for women, and designers suchMary Quant and Twiggy helped them express this through style. Finally, arts and technology known as a true revolution.
So, London was the center of this period and as a city, it influenced the rest of the world dramatically.

Modifié par lucile83 le 17-05-2014 07:39


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