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Message de yatikata posté le 18-04-2016 à 16:59:45 (S | E | F)
est-ce que quelqu'un pourrait me corriger mon texte s'il vous plaît ?
Merci d'avance !

In today's modern-day world, technology and communication are omnipresent. These improvements permit to make exchanges all over the world. Of course, these exchanges can take several forms as economic exchanges, cultural exchanges or movement of people. But as a matter of fact, no matter when, people all around the world are exchanging and communicating.

First of all, I will to speak about the bigger and impressive immigration to me : the immigration in America. I've always been fascinated by this country and how in this huge territory different culture are living together, side by side and even sometimes melted. Secondly, I will talk to you the integration of the immigrants in the society.

I'd like to introduce you the first immigration wave in America. Lets set the history. Here we are in the 17th century about 100 years after Christopher Columbus discovered America. Many plantations of tabaco were established in America, in particuliar in Virginia.
The postcard “colonists leaving England for Jamestown” made by the Jamestown Amusement & Vending Co Inc Postcard was exposed at the Jamestown Exposition in 1907. This postcard shows people leaving for Virginia. They were attracted by the gold and silver and wish they find wealth in America.
On this drawing we can see a harbour in England. People are reunited to assist the leaving of the future immigrants. They look quite rich and we can notice that numerous ships are leaving.
I think that this drawing was interesting to illustrate this first immigration wave in America. We used to study immigration through paintings or pictures of people arrival so I wanted to see an other point of the immigration.

Moreover, let's see an other face of the immigration. I decided to illustrate my comments by a picture taking by Gerald Bloncourt showing strike and demonstration inside the factory of Renault-Billancourt in May 1968.
On this picture we can see hundreds of people demonstrating in a factory. There are not only white people but also black people and we can also notice some immigrants. This factory employed almost 21 000 workers including one-third of stranger.
This picture illustrates the fact that immigrants managed to fit in a new society. They have their place in the economy of the country. Those people were willing to work and by giving them a job, we were like “saviour”.
However, by offering them opportunities and jobs, aren't we depriving non immigrants people of help? That's a big issue in those days… Lots of migrants, foreign workers and refugees are coming to Europe in this later century and it's getting hard to handle it.

I guess that immigration is not such a bad things for the world and for a country. It brings different ways of thinking and an exchange of culture, language, hobbies and so on…
However, the immigration which is happening now in Europe is getting out of hand and being dangerous. Its creates lots of tension between the countries and the people. We have to find a way to control the immigration, I count on our society to discover how to manage with this issue.

Modifié par lucile83 le 18-04-2016 22:00


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