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Meaning / phrase

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Meaning / phrase
Message from tricia18 posted on 22-02-2018 at 18:13:10 (D | E | F)
I have found difficulty to understand a phrase: 'teasing thought into being'.
Can anybody provide me with the proper meaning of the phrase please?.
Thank you for help.

Edited by lucile83 on 22-02-2018 21:56

Re: Meaning / phrase from gerondif, posted on 23-02-2018 at 00:43:09 (D | E)
Typing "teasing thought into being" between inverted commas on google gives this:

Reading this page and the next one will provide an answer.

(If you don't type it with inverted commas, the links provided are much more sexual !)

Re: Meaning / phrase from tricia18, posted on 23-02-2018 at 04:30:21 (D | E)
Hello gerondif, thanks for your kind help finding out the link for me. Actually, I found the phrase "teasing thought into being" while I was reading the book which appeared on the link you shared and I am still on my way reading that book.When I came to that phrase I found difficulties to literary understand of that phrase. I still need literary clarifications on that phrase and I will be so happy if anyone can provide me one.

Re: Meaning / phrase from sherry48, posted on 23-02-2018 at 14:53:23 (D | E)
Clearly this is a secondary definition for 'tease' here.
Taking the definition 'to gently pull or comb something tangled into separate strands,' we come up with the word 'untangle', which when applied to words and ideas, would mean to make something that is complicated easier to understand. So in your context, you could say it has the sense of developing good judgment through careful study, puzzling out and understanding all the nuances of a complicated text. The text goes on to discuss some of the techniques used by the author to aid in that puzzling out...
I hope this helps you to 'untangle' the meaning of that phrase.

Re: Meaning / phrase from dsmith, posted on 23-02-2018 at 18:10:18 (D | E)
I agree with Sherry that this is a meaning of "tease" that is not as common.
Let's have a discussion and tease out some ideas. Link

Tease out:
Lure out, obtain or extract with effort, as in We had a hard time teasing the wedding date out of him. This term alludes to the literal sense of tease, “untangle or release something with a pointed tool.” [Mid-1900s ]

And I found these definitions in a dictionary: Link

d : to persuade to acquiesce especially by persistent small efforts : coax
e : to manipulate or influence as if by teasing
I think these are relevant.
I think he is talking about teaching wisdom, teaching good behavior. How do you make something that is taught...a thought...become something that the student goes and does or puts into practice? You need to coax the thinking into being...into action by the student. You persuade with persisent small efforts -> maybe several small thoughts planted by the teacher that persuade the student to put something into action.
You influence the thinking of the student, their thoughts until they put what is being taught into action and thus it comes into being.
How does the teacher manipulate the thoughts of the student to make those thoughts come into influence the student to act on those thoughts.
I hope that helps.

Re: Meaning / phrase from tricia18, posted on 27-02-2018 at 15:21:42 (D | E)
Hello, thank you Sherry, thank you dsmith for your kind help providing me with your explanations and source to help me understand the phrase better.

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