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How does it go /goes

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How does it go /goes
Message from cmf posted on 19-12-2013 at 22:09:00 (D | E | F)
Hello everybody ,

I would like to have your help on the topic above. What is the correct expression
- how does it go ? does it goes?
Thanks in advance.

Edited by lucile83 on 19-12-2013 22:59

Re: How does it go /goes from sherry48, posted on 19-12-2013 at 22:41:56 (D | E)

For present tense, third person singular, the s goes on the auxiliary verb.

Re: How does it go /goes from lucile83, posted on 19-12-2013 at 23:01:33 (D | E)

how does it go ? correct. The other sentence is not.

Re: How does it go /goes from notrepere, posted on 19-12-2013 at 23:13:28 (D | E)

In informal American English, you often hear:

How goes it?

This is basically an informal way to say "How are you?", "How are things?" (Comment ça va ?) When referring to music, the expression "How does it go" means "What is the melody? Can you sing or play it for me?"

Edited by notrepere on 23-12-2013 06:15

Re: How does it go /goes from nagaashok, posted on 20-12-2013 at 16:06:39 (D | E)
'How does it go' is correct because the 'es' is already added in 'does' so no need to add it again in 'go'.

Edited by lucile83 on 20-12-2013 16:35

Re: How does it go /goes from violet91, posted on 21-12-2013 at 15:05:25 (D | E)
Hello ,

In English as in many occidental languages , when a verb and a form ( affirmative- present= she , she,he has decided perfect, she-he has gone ) negative and interrogative ) need an auxiliary for the proper tense , this auxiliary is the only word to be conjugated . It carries the mark of the conjugation and the verb is either a present participle : she is or was going / a past participle : she has , had gone / and in the other cases which are mostly used : the infinitive without preposition ´ to ' .
Observe what we call a tranformation overhere , will you ?
* It goes without saying .
- Does it go without saying ?
- No , it doesn't go without saying for him : he needs an explanation . He won't find it out by himself .
Moreover, as for me , my use and practice of British English ,-' how goes it ?´'... is totally new to my ears, I must say , although I have been going to England for decades ! . ' How are things ( going ) ? ' is a common way of saying ; I have heard that many times .
You definitely hear : How are you ? by anyone enquiring about your health and life . 'To be' means somebody's state , here .
- British English speakers would sometimes use, these days - How are you doing ? which includes health , personal life , work ...
SOrry if I am wrong , but you might have been thinking of the verb 'to do' whose '´d' happened to turn into 'g ' , as many French learners do : confusing these two does happen in English classes with French speakers. Yet, you probably have a similar expression to our French ' comment ça va ? ' in your own language .
- By the way , shall I add ?
A brilliant pupil or student can do very well at English . I can invent this question if I enquire about his school term with another English teacher , typing school reports :
- What about Jeremy's results ?
- Ah ! He has done brilliantly !
'to go' implies some movement life goes on , whatever happens .
- How does ( conjugated auxiliary) it go ( infinitive without 'to ') ? is a grammatically correct sentence . Indeed as a question , it can refer to the tune of a song , for instance ...or the sound , the melody of a word .( = how does it sound ? How do you say and pronounce it ? ) Something said or sung aloud , something played on an instrument , I mean .
If you want a speech to be reported to you , you can have this :
- and then what did he say ? - He went ( he surprised people by saying ...)
Or an exam to be related to you - How did it go ? > - Oh ! It went fine ! Thank you .

Hope this completes what was explained above . Have a nice day .

Re: How does it go /goes from cmf, posted on 22-12-2013 at 19:41:15 (D | E)
Thank you all. You were very helpful.

Re: How does it go /goes from traviskidd, posted on 23-12-2013 at 04:50:08 (D | E)

"How goes it?" is just an expression, likely a word-for-word borrowing from the German "Wie geht es?"

A similar expression is "no can do", likely a word-for-word borrowing from the Spanish "no puedo hacer":
- "Wanna come to the movies with me tonight?"
- "Sorry, no can do, I gotta finish my homework."

See you.

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