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Covering letter /PhD

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Covering letter /PhD
Message from tigrenera posted on 23-05-2014 at 01:09:10 (D | E | F)
please, if someone want to could someone correct this "mess"?
Thank you for any reply.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is xx, I am an Italian student at "xx University of Rome", attending the last year of the Master of Science in “Eco-biology”.
I'm interested in applying for the PhD case studentship "xx", as I was looking for a PhD opportunity that would fit my personal interests and this is an excellent one, for working on bat ecology in a high ranked university which is yours.

A significant reason for wishing to undertake this project is the congruence of interests with
Dr xx, according to her profile page. Therefore, working in your research group is an opportunity I wouldn’t miss.
I am eager to gain knowledge in the approaches included in this project, especially for what concern working in a molecular laboratory, as I mostly worked on field research projects.

Having a passion for conservation biology of endangered species and for landscape ecology, my final dissertation for the Bachelor of Science concerned the habitat use in xx bat in a natural reserve characterized by an atypical habitat-type for this species.
This project was part of a pilot study in which I assisted a PhD student in bat captures by mist-nets, captures of microlepidoptera, sample collection for genetic analysis, and radio-tracking sessions.
Home range analysis were conducted with a radiotelemetry triangulation program (xx) and xx for the analysis of locations.

Furthermore, I have studied Britain's most common bat species for my personal interests, consequently I would appreciate to work on xx bat, as I never had this opportunity before.

Concerned by the principal causes of bat population decrease, especially loss of roosting and foraging sites, I am very interested in light pollution effects on bats and I would like to take part to a project involving nighttime satellite images processing.
I am also very interested in animal behaviour as a discipline improving conservation plans for populations management. Therefore, my final dissertation is focused on social interactions in bats. Specifically I worked on mixed species groups of newborn bats to assess the influence of spatial proximity on the development of interspecific relationships.
Statistical analysis conducted on relational data, allow me to acquire a good knowledge and develop a strong interest in social network analysis, also considering the epidemiological implications involved in the results of this work.

I took part in a field work on sexual segregation and habitat selection in xx bats, in which I assisted a PhD student during radio-tracking sessions, bat captures, insects captures using sticky traps, assessment of individual heterotermy with temperature-sensitive radio-transmitters.

Additionally, I worked, as a volunteer, with the xx league for birds protection and wildlife rescue center (xx) in Rome, in hand rearing of newborn orphaned bats and rehabilitation of adult ones, improving handling and species identification skills.

My study plan was designed to include majors in thematic cartography, geographic information systems and remote sensing, for which I gave a presentation on a project for land cover classification via satellite images processing. Specifically I assessed beech forests distribution in a national park of central Italy, as a typical foraging area for the xx bat.
In a further presentation I developed a fundamental niche model based on climate parameters for the Fennec fox (Vulpes zerda), a mammal species typical of Saharian desert, using the software xx and xx.
I gave also a presentation on the coevolution between the xx Bat (scientific name) and plants of xx, which purpose was an application of ecosytemic approaches on conservation plans, taking consideration of socio-economic implications for the local human population activities.
Finally, the statistics term examination paper consisted in performing a wide range of statistical analysis using R.
These works have enabled me to develop not only a better knowledge of bat ecology and population dynamics, but also a valuable set of skills in problem solving and statistical analysis. Finally, I acquired good communication skills and confidence.

In conclusion giving me this opportunity would be the perfect step to pursue my life's greatest aim.



Edited by lucile83 on 23-05-2014 07:30

Re: Covering letter /PhD from traviskidd, posted on 23-05-2014 at 05:54:31 (D | E)

Your "mess" is highly technical and outside of my areas of expertise, so it's difficult to know exactly what you are trying to say in some places. Also, you use turns of phrase that would seem strange from a native speaker, but which are not technically incorrect. I will only correct the clear errors that I notice.

That said, let's begin.

- a highly-ranked university such as yours (or even better, put the name)
- for what concern as concerns
- I've mostly worked
- "analysis were" ("analysis" is singular)
- I've never had
- Concerned with ("by" means you are worried)
- image processing (nouns used as adjectives are usually invariable)
- population management (idem)
- "interspecific" (I think you mean "interspecies")
- relational data allow (no comma)
- insect captures ... bird protection ...
- the wildlife rescue center
- the Sahara Desert
- also gave
- whose purpose
- "wide range of statistical analysis" ("analysis" is singular)
- In conclusion, (comma)

Hope this helps!

Re: Covering letter /PhD from clint01, posted on 23-05-2014 at 10:21:04 (D | E)
Instead of "take part to a project" I would say"take part in a project" but I am not quite certain about it
and PhD candidate sounds better than PhD student

Re: Covering letter /PhD from lucile83, posted on 23-05-2014 at 12:25:09 (D | E)

'Take part in' is correct

Re: Covering letter /PhD from tigrenera, posted on 23-05-2014 at 20:11:38 (D | E)
Thanks to all of you!!

Re: Covering letter /PhD from sophia523, posted on 24-05-2014 at 18:44:59 (D | E)
That is great, and thank you for your share. It is useful for me.

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