Christie was probably the most successful writer in history. She wrote 78 crime novels, six other *novels, 150 *short stories, four non-fiction books and 19 plays. That represents two billion books sold: more than William Shakespeare!
Christie became a writer by accident. She was *bored when her husband was away in the First World War. Agatha was working in a hospital dispensary (which is where she learned all the information about poisons that she used in her books). She decided to write a novel to pass the time. She chose a detective novel because she loved reading them. Her first novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, was an instant success. Each book had a new ingenious plot. Readers loved the books, particularly because Christie always gave the readers all the information they needed to find the solution.
Christie loved *travelling. When she became rich she could go all over the world. She used the travels in her writing. Agatha Christie died in 1976, but her stories are still immensely popular. Many have been adapted for film or television.



- short stories = nouvelles
- novel = roman
- to get bored = s'ennuyer
- to travel = voyager



A) Agatha Christie
1) only wrote plays
2) only wrote novels
3) wrote plays, novels and short stories

B) She knew a lot of things about poisons thanks to…
1) her husband
2) a hospital dispensary
3) television

C) Why did she begin to write books?
1) because her husband was at war.
2) because she wanted to be rich
3) because she had an accident



A3 | B2 | C1