--- Since the "Mad Cow" crisis began in spring 1995, the reputation of beef has changed for good. As a result, shops and farmers are experimenting with alternatives to cows and beef.
--- If you go to the meat counter at a big Tesco supermarket, you will of course find the normal types of meat: beef, mutton, pork, chicken and turkey. But look more carefully and you will also find *ostrich and kangaroo, and in other shops, you may also get buffalo meat. With the battle of *B.S.E., the battle for new types of meat has begun.
--- First-class passengers with British Airways may now eat ostrich; this *meat is also becoming more popular, like buffalo, in many expensive restaurants. The new types of meat are still expensive compared to traditional beef and mutton. This explains why farmers are very interested in them.


1. B.S.E. is
A) a disease
B) an airport
C) an animal

2. Because of BSE…
A) meat has disappeared in supermarkets
B) kangaroos have disappeared
C) you can find new types of food in supermarkets

3. New types of meat are…
A) cheaper
B) as expensive as "normal" types of meat
C) more expensive



1A - 2C - 3C