MICHAEL FISH, the BBC Weather Forecaster

When he was ten years old, Michael Fish decided to become a meteorologist and *set up a weather station in his back garden. Now he is the famous BBC weatherman. Being a weather forecaster on television is hard work! They work 12-hour *shifts by themselves. If it's your shift you must prepare between 10 and 14 *broadcasts and you must do everything yourself, even working the camera! So next time you see a weather man or woman standing in front of the weather map, just think they are all *on their own in the studio! They did the pictures, the *lighting, the *sound and their own make up!

Michael prefers winter to any season. Winter is more of a challenge for a weather forecaster. He insist that warning people of bad weather in winter is a very important job and can help to save lives.

Michael thinks that weather forecasting is a little bit *boring nowadays because satellites and computers do almost all the work. But he adds that not two days are ever the same and there is always some interesting weather happening somewhere on the planet.




to set up = installer

a shift = une journée de travail >> work 12-hour shifts = se relayer toutes les 12h

a broadcast = une émission

on their own = les seuls responsables

the lighting = l'éclairage

the sound = la sonorisation

boring = ennuyeux




  1. Who is Michael Fish?
  2. 1) the man who presents "Who wants to be a millionaire?"

    2) a weather forecaster working for the BBC

    3) the man who presents the 8 o'clock news



  3. Who prepares the weather broadcasts with him?
  1. another weather forecaster
  2. a trainee
  3. nobody



  • C) Why does he prefer winter?
    1. because he loves snow
    2. because he loves skiing
    3. because he knows his shows can help to save lives





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