-------- Predicting the future used to be the business of science fiction writers and astrologers. Now it has become a recognised science. Starting this autumn, Leeds University in Yorkshire is offering a Master of Arts in Future Studies, the first of this kind in Europe. Students in the two-year course will examine the reasons why so many predictions have been wrong in the past.
-------- Graduates will probably find job opportunities in the growing market for futurologists in British industry. Any company that can predict the way technology will develop in ten year's time has an enormous advantage over its rivals.
-------- Ever since Alvin and Heidi Toffler published their book Future Shock in 1970, the Americans have taken the subject seriously. The Tofflers now produce a daily TV show called "Next News Now", which report stories which are going to happen but not news which has already taken place.

1. What are Futurologists?
A. People studying planets
B. People who study the past and predict the future
C. People studying the weather.

2. Graduates
A. find a job easily
B. are often under-paid
C. don't find any jobs

3. The Tofflers are
A. students
B. universities
C. TV producers









1B - 2A - 3C