With its 77,000 homeless people, California is the state of America most frequented by *the destitute. The population, hardened by the recession, is more and more intolerant and firm measures are taken concerning the homeless. The authorities ban them from sleeping overnight in the city parks or threaten to jail those who *harass people for money.
But Ted Hayes, a political activist, seems to be an exception. He has created a project, Genesis 1, to give *shelter to homeless people: a village of 18 domes built in Los Angeles, the homeless capital of the United States. The domes, which cost $10,000 each, provide a room for two residents or a bedroom and living room for a couple - married or unmarried. Residents also share a communal kitchen, dining-room and bathrooms.
The community *rules are less strict than those which generally apply to city's other shelters. Alcohol is tolerated - as are drugs, so long they are consumed outside the village. But anyone who fails to participate in communal activities can be excluded from the village, where the fundamental principle is self help.


the destitute = les pauvres
harass = harceler
shelter = abri
rule = règle


1) Genesis 1 is the name of
A) a planet
B) a church
C) a project to help homeless people

2) How many people can live in a dome?
A) two
B) ten
C) twenty

3) In the domes,
A) you can do anything you want
B) you are not allowed to bring alcohol
C) you are obliged to do activities to help the community



1C | 2A | 3C