"Kill that Noise or I'll kill you."
People often complain that loud noise drives them crazy. But in Britain, it is driving people to violence.

----- A London man could no longer stand the reggae music from a party next door. He set fire to the hallway outside the party. A woman trying to escape jumped out of a window from the third floor and killed herself. The London man received a life sentence for murder.
----- A man from Wales went to complain about a loud music from a neighbour's home. He was stabbed by the neighbour.
----- A man in Winchester, because of a constantly barking dog, hit his neighbour with an iron bar. The dog's owner fell, hit his head on the road and died four days later.
----- A Manchester man fired an air rifle into a nearby flat from which loud music was playing. The judge refused to send the man to jail for his action and fined him £5,000 instead.


1. Why was the first London man sentenced for murder?
A) because he shot someone to death
B) because he destroyed a car
C) because he set fire to a part of his building

2. The man who was stabbed by his neighbour lived:
A) in the USA
B) in Brazil
C) in Great Britain

3. The Manchester man became crazy
A) because of his dog
B) because of loud music
C) because of his job





1C - 2C - 3B