Our pigs live on a farm in Norfolk. They're allowed to walk free and encouraged to live naturally.
We have decided to promote* less intensive, more traditional farming methods. This is why we have now our Nature's choice label, a large variety of different goods like fruit vegetables, meat and even cheese and wine.
We are strict about every aspect of the animals' lives. For example we make sure that all the animals receive a well balanced diet*, without growth promoting* hormones and antibiotics. A vet regularly visits to check their health but will only administer medicines in the case of illness.
The piglets are born in a large field and live with their mothers until they are older. After this, they are put in a new field with other pigs - they are very social animals. Finally, they are moved together into a huge, airy barn* with natural light and a passage to the outside.
They eat like pigs too. Fresh water and food are always accessible but we insist that more food should be put into the pasture*.
After all this hard work the animals are able to join a high quality of life. And this is evident in the high quality of the meat. In fact, most people seem to think that our meats taste even better. But that's only natural isn't it?



to promote = encourager
well balanced diet = régime alimentaire équilibré
growth promoting = … de croissance
barn = grange
pasture = pré



A) What is this text about?
1) the way cows give milk
2) someone who's trying to sell horses
3) the way a farm breeds pigs

B) Why does a vet visit the farm regularly?
1) Because he gives them medicines everyday
2) Because he wants to check the health of the pigs
3) Because he keeps the piglets from their mothers

C) What difference do these methods make to the meat?
1) it is cheaper
2) it is better
3) pigs are not as big as before


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