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Interview tips

You’re a unique and interesting person. The employer wants to meet you.

1. Make sure you are right for the job. Don`t go for a job in catering if you don`t know how to boil an egg.

2. You’ve likely heard the expression: Dress for success. Dress in the finest clothes that suit the type of work for which you're applying. If you are going to an interview for outdoor work, wear unworn, casual clothes.

For office or professional positions, dress up conservatively. Ask someone to help you select an outfit from your closet or take a friend from the business world shopping with you, if you're not up on the standards. Don`t go overboard with make-up.

3. Arrive with at least 15 minutes to spare. This will allow you to prepare any last details. (It also shows how keen you are.)

4. If you have an opportunity to shake hands with the person or persons doing the interview, give a firm, solid handshake.

5. Look the interviewer in the eye. You'll find benefit in your ability to communicate, as you look people in the eye more and more. Look directly at the interviewer when you are answering questions.

6. Let your CV talk for you. Make it as interesting as possible and don`t forget to include all interests and hobbies they can say a lot about you. Be truthful.

7. Don't talk while the interviewer is reading your application or CV. The interviewer can only do one thing at a time, even though s/he's a boss.

8. Don`t slouch or fidget you will come across as lazy and nervous

9. Prepare yourself for questions that they might ask you about the company. This will show them how committed you are.

10. Ask questions, but make sure they are sensible ones, not like, how long is the lunch break.

11. Don`t be afraid to make suggestions tell them any ideas you have. This will show them how interested you are.

12. Remember they are human. Be open and honest. Don`t try and be something you are not they will see straight through any facade.

13. Demonstrate your communication skills by listening to the question you are asked. Answer that specific question. If you don't understand the question, ask the interviewer for clarification. Smart people who get ahead have the confidence to ask more questions than sulking people who think they should understand all questions and know all answers.

14. If you are asked why you left your last job don`t go into a story about how awful they where (even if you were treat badly) tell them your talent was wasted and that's why you are there.

15. Let them know how much of an asset you are to the company. But only if you are.


Article written By Michlle Graham
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