How to find your ideal job

Once you've identified what it is you want to be doing, the next step is finding out where to find that ideal job. The most obvious place to start is your university careers office. They should have the names of companies who have good graduate schemes, and will be able to help you on your first steps in finding a job. Including helping you with your CV.

Otherwise - you can go straight to Graduate Recruitment Companies, who will help you find the right job for you, but bear in mind that they may try and push you into doing a role that isn't your ideal job. They work for their clients - not for you! After all, it's their clients who pay them, not the poor ex-student looking for work. But they are always a good source of information and advice and if nothing else, they'll help you refine your interview technique.

Always ask your friends and family to help you. They may know someone who's looking for someone just like you for an exciting opportunity. Many ex-students take their first step into the real world through personal contacts and you know you can trust your family to have your interests at heart.

Never neglect the newspaper as a good source of finding a job. All the big companies, public services, schools and other institutions advertise in the paper regularly for graduates. And, of course, the Internet should be one of the first ports of call for you - there are dozens of excellent job search sites for jobs in the UK and in Europe. A lot of it will be hit-and-miss. It's rare to find the ideal job at the first go. The key is widening your "net", making contacts with as many people as you can - get your name "out there".