Identifying the right job

The key to finding the right job for you is this:

Step 1: Identify something now that you are really passionate about. It could be children, researching, sailing, training people, languages, acting, teaching… anything really.

Step 2: Identify what it is exactly that you enjoy about your passion. If it's teaching for example, is it the standing up in front of people that you enjoy the most, or is it preparing for the lessons, or is it seeing the light-bulbs switch on in people's heads, or do you like the sound of your own voice? Find out why you love what you love.

Step 3: Find a way of making a living out of your passion. Too many people find a job in order to generate a steady income so that they can dedicate themselves to doing the things that they want to do on their time off. This is the wrong way round - especially seeing as you will only have about 3 hours free time a day.

You should find a job that IS your passion and then find a way of making enough money at it so as to make your job your lifestyle. Work and Life should be the same thing. It sounds idealist but IS possible.