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Apprendre l'anglais > Cours & exercices d'anglais > Exercices d'anglais > test d'anglais n°102887 : Espèces menacées d'extinction - Vocabulaire

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Espèces menacées d'extinction - Vocabulaire

Espèces menacées d’extinction


(Cette liste n’est pas exhaustive)


Polar Bear in the Arctic




In 2008, the USA listed the polar bear as a threatened (menacé) species.

Synonym of threatened: thwarted (contrarié, contrecarré)

Sea ice melts in the Arctic from global warming. Polar bears that depend on ice flows are prevented from roaming (errer), hunting prey, and building dens (tanière).

Synonym of roaming: wandering


The Sumatra’s Rhino




It is the most endangered species in the world and the situation has worsened (empire).

Synonyms of worsens: gets worse, aggravates

The rhino is still killed by poachers (braconniers, illégaux) for its horn which is coveted (convoitée) by Chinese people for its therapeutic and hypothetical aphrodisiac properties.


Whale spotted in Cod Bay




This remnant population continues to suffer from climate change that has an impact on krill (a type of tiny shrimp), whales’ favourite food. In addition, they often become entangled (enchevêtrées, emmêlées), or ensnared (prises au piège) in fishing gear and mortally wounded.


Hanksbill turtle in Asia, Africa, South and North-America




Despite their current protection, they are much coveted in China for their carapaces which are transformed into a wide range of items and jewelleries. Chinese people have even opened a market for tortoise shells.

In addition, like the whales, they die ensnared in fishing nets. Most of the time fishermen get rid of (se débarrasser de) the dying turtles over board.

Synonym of get rid of: throw out


Gorilla in Rwanda




It is true that they are powerful creatures. They are also gentle and affectionate. Mountain gorillas are easygoing (facile à vivre) vegetarians who lead a peaceful life. Scientists estimate that there are about 600 individuals in east-central Africa. They are endangered from habitat loss and poaching. Today, they face a new threat, the aftermath (répercussions) of a civil war in Rwanda in the early 1990s, creating refugee camps with 750,000 people, living on the borders of the gorillas' reserves. The increase in human population has reduced much of their natural rainforests (forêts tropicales) which is clear cut and turned into croplands (terres de culture).






Cheetahs (guépards) are facing a high risk of extinction.

It is the world’s fastest land animal. It can run 110 kilometres per hour but is well known as a clumsy fighter compared to other predators. Nowadays, the cheetah population has halved (réduite de moitié) in ten years. Loss of habitat, lack of vast territories and loss of genetic variations are the main threats facing the cheetahs.

Synonym of halved: reduced by half


Baby seal




They are less than three months old when hunters slaughter them. It is the most cruel and horrible slaughter (massacre) in the world, on the threshold of unbearable (à la limite de l’insoutenable). Sealers smash baby seals’ skulls with a heavy bludgeon (gourdin) before skinning (dépouiller, écorcher) them, leaving their bloody corpses (cadavres) on the sea ice.


Sources diverses: Wikipedia et personnelles




En vous référant au vocabulaire des différents paragraphes, choisissez dans la liste déroulante le mot approprié qui manque dans la phrase.

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Exercice d'anglais "Espèces menacées d'extinction - Vocabulaire" créé par taiji43 avec le générateur de tests - créez votre propre test ! [Plus de cours et d'exercices de taiji43]
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1. Shrinking sea ice prevents the polar bear from its icy kingdom.

2. In China, horns are frenetically to be turned into Asian medications and aphrodisiac powder.

3. Rescue efforts are by poachers who get into protected reserves illegally.

4. Turtles and whales are often in fishing gear and suffocate to death.

5. When fishermen discover turtles in their nets, they them by throwing them over board.

6. Cheetahs confronted with loss habitat and genetic variation has its population.

7. Baby seals are by hunters with a heavy bludgeon.

8. This slaughter is .

9. The cute baby seal is slaughtered and by hunters to get possession of its fur.

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