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Apprendre l'anglais > Cours & exercices d'anglais > Exercices d'anglais > test d'anglais n°104364 : Mary Maloney 2 et formes verbales

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Mary Maloney 2 et formes verbales

 Be careful ! This is the sequel of test 104319 test, and, logically it should be done after it !

Mary Maloney is a very happy pregnant woman. She's been enjoying marital bliss for ten years and has established a pleasant routine with Patrick, her husband, a Senior Police inspector.

They're used to going out on Thursdays, but on that precise day, Patrick looked worried, exhausted and insisted on talking to Mary.

When she heard Patrick's words, Mary was so stunned that her whole body and mind turned into those of a robot ... She was totally numb ... as if under the influence of an anaesthetic ... She went to the kitchen to take food out of the freezer and get dinner ready ...




Attention, une fois de plus, un tel titre annonce forcément des 'pièges' ... Il ne s'agira pas uniquement de choisir 'le bon temps', mais aussi, la bonne voix ou forme (active ou passive), tout en faisant très attention au contexte, à la concordance des temps et à la forme du discours employé (direct ou indirect), afin d'effectuer les ajustements indispensables !

L'histoire est (doublement) suivie, le texte et les temps doivent être cohérents. Suivez bien toutes les pistes qui vous sont données, les jalons qui sont posés, les marqueurs de temps précisés. Tous ces éléments doivent vous aider à trouver LA bonne forme verbale !

In order to put all the odds in your favour, I'd recommend you NOT to take this test entirely in one go  ... Don't forget to save your different parts !

Bonne chance !


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Exercice d'anglais "Mary Maloney 2 et formes verbales" créé par here4u avec le générateur de tests - créez votre propre test ! [Plus de cours et d'exercices de here4u]
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'A leg of lamb'! It was the first thing that she had seen ... well wrapped in grease-proof paper in the freezer. She (seize) it with both hands - it was so heavy - and Mary (look) at it 'as if she (be) being controlled by a remote-control, by a tremendous force that she (not + can) overcome. It was incomprehensible.
Like a zombie, she shuffled into the living room. Patrick (gather) important papers before going away. He (not/even/look up) when she called him... Suddenly, as if in a daze, she came in, stood behind him like a ghost, and (swing) the heavy, frozen club behind his head. There was a thud ! It all happened in an instant! He (die)!
She (feel/still) as if she were under a spell, and the heavy leg of lamb (weigh) down her arm ... Without thinking further, Mary went back to her kitchen, mechanically (unwrap) the frozen meat, put it into the oven, and went out for vegetables. Mary wondered if Mr Green (notice) anything abnormal in her demeanor and behaviour. She (not/speak) to him since the preceding week. He wasn't surprised to see her smiling calmly. She simply explained that it was the first time Patrick (refuse) to go out on a Thursday : he was so exhausted. She (cook) for him, and left the little shop, still smiling, with her vegetables.
When she arrived home, she yelled Patrick's name,(for the neighbours to hear her), knocked down a lamp and a few chairs, and staged a robbery, (scatter) files and papers and then, called the police ... They arrived a few minutes later! ...

Mary (devastate). The investigation was proceeding slowly and meticulously ... Mary mechanically stated her alibi ... The detectives (desperately/ look) for the murder weapon, convinced it couldn't be far! They searched the house, in vain! In the meantime, complaining that she was so shaken that she couldn't eat anything, the pregnant woman had insisted that Patrick would (want) his colleagues to have some dinner ! Soon, the tired and hungry detectives were enjoying their meal ...the roasted leg of lamb !

In the living room, by herself, Mary (giggle) softly!

 This was a free summary of a short story by Roald Dahl, named Lamb to the Slaughter. You may have seen the adaptation by Alfred Hitchcock .... A wonderful one !

Now, think about Mary Maloney ... Patrick had most likely announced that he was leaving his pregnant and loving wife for another woman ... She couldn't bear it ... and found in herself a way of punishing him and getting away with it ...

You must admit that giving the murder weapon to eat to the very detectives investigating the murder was a brilliant idea !

Finally, can't we say that Patrick deserved what he got ? ... and that Sweet Loving Mary was somewhat .... devilish ?

Fin de l'exercice d'anglais "Mary Maloney 2 et formes verbales"
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