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Apprendre l'anglais > Cours & exercices d'anglais > Exercices d'anglais > test d'anglais n°107532 : Idiomes

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1. Hit the books

Meaning:- to study hard.

Example:- I can't go out tonight. I've got to hit the books.

2. Piece of cake

Meaning:- easy to do.

Example:- He thought learning to drive a car would be a piece of cake until he got in an accident.

3. Hit the nail on the head

Meaning:- find exactly the right answer.

Example:- I think John hit the nail on the head when he said the reason our company is losing money is because we have a lot of lazy employees.

4. You can't judge a book by its cover

Meaning:- before you judge something or someone, you need to take a deeper and closer look at it.

Example:- The professor may seem slow and awkward but don't judge a book by its cover. He is one of the brightest minds in his field.

5. Dance on someone's grave

Meaning:- to celebrate someone's death triumphantly.

Example:- He said to his enemies that he would recover his wealth and would surely dance on their graves.

6. Dog's life

Meaning-: a miserable and unhappy existence. 

Example:- I have to work every day from dawn to sunset and come back home to take care of the children. It's really a dog's life.


Meaning:- said about the world where people do anything to be successful.

Example:- It's disheartening to know that we are living in a dog-eat-dog world.

8. A man of few words

Meaning:- A man who does not speak much.

Example:- He is a man of few words. But when he speaks, he makes a lot of sense.

9. Add fuel to the fire

Meaning:- to make the situation or problem worse.

Example:- Don't add fuel to the fire by laughing at him. He is furious about what you have already done.

10. All that glitters is not gold

Meaning:- appearance is sometimes misleading.

Example:- The house looks beautiful from the outside but the inside part looks terrible, all that glitters is not gold.

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1. To learn English, she not only but also practised conversing with others every day.

2. This job seems so great! I work for only 2 hours a day and earn $1,000 a week!! It seems too good to be true, but don't forget...

3. You have to look out for your own interests, it's a world.

4. I've got to go to the supermarket, then cook a meal, then pick the kids up from the station- it's a .

5. My father was a , but when he spoke, it was worth listening to.

6. Writing that term paper was a . I have always enjoyed writing and have always been good at it.

7. Shouting at a crying child just .

8. If you will , you will outlive or outlast them and will celebrate their demise.

9. She doesn't look very intelligent, but .

10. You when you told Jennifer the reason she wasn't getting modeling jobs was because she was too fat.

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