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Apprendre l'anglais > Cours & exercices d'anglais > Exercices d'anglais > test d'anglais n°116954 : Some - Any

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Some - Any

Some and Any


The words some and any are used when the speaker cannot specify or does not want/need to specify a number or an exact amount.

Let's compare the following sentences.

-I saw seven bears when horse riding in the forest. (It is important for you to know how many bears I saw).

-I saw some wild boars in the forest. (I don't know exactly how many I saw. Or, it is not important that you know how many I saw).

The rules that follow apply to words containing some and any, somebody/anybody, something/anything, etc.

Generally some is used in positive sentences.

-My sister got some nice presents for her birthday.

-The brickwork for this house is going to take some time.

-Look ahead, there are some cattle crossing the road.

-Clean your hands you have some grease on them.

-If you are thirsty, you'll find some orange juice in the fridge,

-I'm certain I will visit Chile again some day.

-There is somebody at the door asking for you.

-We would like to go somewhere nice for a holiday.

Generally, any is used in negative sentences and questions.

-Nobody gave me any nice presents for my birthday.

-I couldn't find any milk in the fridge.

-I don't need any help from you.

-She's so rude. No wonder she doesn't have any friends.

-I don't have anything nice to wear to the school formal.

-I don't want to hear anything more said on the subject.

-Do you have any pets at home?

-Did you catch any prawns yesterday?

-Have you been in touch with any old friends lately?

-Does anyone have any questions?

-Do you plan to go anywhere this winter?

In fact the use of some/any is a little more complicated. Find below two occasions when the above rules are often broken.

1. We can use some in questions when offering/requesting.

-Would you like some more cake?

-Could I have some sugar please?

-Do you want something to drink?

2. We can use any in positive sentences when we mean it doesn't matter

-You can come and see me any day.

-Which plate should I use? Anyone.

-You can sit anywhere but here. This is my seat. 

I knew there will be an exercise to do!!



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Exercice d'anglais "Some - Any" créé par leopold avec le générateur de tests - créez votre propre test ! [Plus de cours et d'exercices de leopold]
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1. people cannot have breakfast without bread.

2. He didn't need tips on the art of romancing.

3. Can I borrow sugar from you please?

4. He left the city years ago and never returned.

5. Choose book you like from the books on the shelf.

6. She has never had doubts about his feelings for her.

7. If you feel thirsty, drink cold water from the fridge.

8. In my opinion good book is more entertaining than a movie.

9. They have very nice plants in their garden.

10. He probably never had cause for complaining.

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