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Apprendre l'anglais > Cours & exercices d'anglais > Exercices d'anglais > test d'anglais n°118109 : He's ou His

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He's ou His

Today, we shall learn how to differentiate between the English homophones: He's or His.



Lets start with He's:

'He's' is only a contraction of he is or he was...or he has.

So, if you are not sure if it's his or he is, just try to replace he's with he is/was or he has.

Here are examples:

He's only a small boy. ...he is

He's left the stage. ...he has


He's is used to define the state in which someone is.

He's in a really bad mood.

He's having a mood swing.

Or it can be used when stating the present or past location of the person in question.

He's exited the store.

He's leaving the website. (He's can be used when stating the place the person was on. In this case, it was the Internet.)


Let us continue with His.

His is a possessive adjective used to define the belongings of a certain individual.

This is his lunch box.

That's his crayon.

Fun fact:

His is used in titles

For example:

His Majesty.


In this exercise, you need to choose between He's or His to complete the sentences.

Good Luck!

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1. presently not available right now. If you want, you can call back in an hour.

2. Don't touch that! That's not yours, it belongs to him. It's most prized comic book. He reads it every night before going to sleep.

3. They are afraid he won't be coming back in a long time. got a severe disease that left him in the hospital for two weeks now.

4. Where did Georges go? mom came to pick him up. Even if he doesn't want to go, the dentist's appointement never waits!

5. We are not responsible for any loss or theft. This is a boot camp, obviously things get lost. The other day, my son lost Ipad and we couldn't do anything to help him.

6. I am very sorry, but there is nothing we can do. Your little boy is in coma. a strong boy and he will hopefully pull out soon.

7. No, you cannot take anything. These things belong to the museum. The guard is just trying to do job, so don't complicate his life for anything.

8. Don't fight him, trust he will beat you without lifting a finger. Plus, not worth it, you will just end up in a hospital bed.

9. We are very good friend of . We promise that we will help him in any way we can. We promise that we won't let him get into trouble.

10. He doesn't live here anymore, left for over two years. He was the previous owner of this house. It looks like you have the ancient address of this house. Sorry that you made the trip for nothing.

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