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Apprendre l'anglais > Cours & exercices d'anglais > Exercices d'anglais > test d'anglais n°118969 : Jeux anciens

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Jeux anciens


Nowadays, children  have  lots  of  electronic  games   which, among  other  things,  cost a  lot  and  do not  help  create  friendships  ---  but  what  about  the  games  of old, the  traditional  ones?

Have  they   been   forgotten? Here  is  a list of   “old”  games   which  are  still   being played  in the  open  air, but  also   at  home,  if there's  room  enough.

 Here  are  only  some  of   them   (There  are  over  50)I'm sure  you've  played    them   at least   once  in   your  life.

Cat's cradle : a   very old  game to  be  played   by  two  players  with  a  string    to  which  they   give  geometrical  shapes passing  it  onto  each  other.

Hot  potato  : players (four  at  least)   sitting   down  in  a  circle  toss    a small object (a  tennis  ball,  an  apple, a  real  potato)  to each other  while   the music is  playing. The player who's   holding the object  when the  music stops  is   eliminated.

Hide and Seek :   a   game  in which  at least  three  children  conceal  themselves   to be  found  by  another one, usually  called  “it” -  (Disquieting  IT, reminds  me  of  Stephen King)

Marbles :  (To play  this  game you  need   small  glass  balls, marbles). You draw  a  ring on the  pavement,  kneel   outside the ring and   throw  or  flick  your shooter    marble  (the  biggest   one)   in  order  to  hit  one  of  the    marbles    that   are  inside the  ring.  The  winner  is  the  player  who  hits  the most  of  the  marbles   out  of  the  ring.

Leapfrog  a children's game in which   players,  in turn,    vault  over  the  shoulders  of the other  players who  are  bending  their  backs.

Simon   Says    a  child  called  Simon  starts  by  suggesting  an  action  which  the other players  have    to  perform.‘... But  the  request  must  be  preceded   by  the  formula “Simon says “ or  if  the  person  does  the action  without  the  formula  they are  out -

I  spy    a  game   where     you   say    "I can  see  with my little eye..." and players  have  to guess the object   you  are  referring  to.

Tag :   a  playground  game  in  which  one  player  tries  to reach  and  touch or  tag another  one.

Blind Man's Buff,   a  blindfolded   player    tries  to  catch   another   one   and  tag  him/her.

Capture the Flag,   two  teams   having  a  flag  each,  try  to  capture  the  flag  in the other  team's  base.   The object of the game is to   run  into the  opposite  team's   field  and  “steal “   the  flag.



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Exercice d'anglais "Jeux anciens" créé par carlabice47 avec le générateur de tests - créez votre propre test ! [Plus de cours et d'exercices de carlabice47]
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1. While playing , George fell over another player and hit his head.

2. To play you need a piece of cloth to tie around your head.

3. The purpose of is to carry the flag safely into your part of the field and keep it.

4. When Liz plays , it's very difficult to spot the object immediately : she's very clever at it!

5. Pamela grabbed Neil by the shoulder crying !!!

6. Cecil is a real talent at playing : it always takes a long time to spot him.

7. I'm fascinated by the small glass balls you play with : as a child, I used to collect them.

8. Sitting in a ring you sing pass it on… to the person next to you.

9. I'm really fascinated by the geometrical shapes you can form by playing .

10. When playing outdoors, we are often requested to perform silly acrobatic actions.

Fin de l'exercice d'anglais "Jeux anciens"
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