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a very little essay
Message de fenics posté le 15-12-2006 à 17:54:23 (S | E | F | I)


I found this subject in a school book and I suggest you that we should try to answer. It's a good exercise in order to improve our English.

Do you think that women are better at certain jobs than men, and vice versa. Is it a matter of tradition or competence? Give examples and see what your friends think.

Well, this question is a current question in the main western countries. People very much talk about the inequality between women and men for long time and do more since the election of women at the head of some countries, such as Finland or Germany.
Personally, I think women and men are different and therefore they have not the same abilities. Women are better at certain jobs than men and vice versa. Indeed, you can't refute the physical and psycho'logical differences between men and women. For example, men are stronger than women, thus we can think men are more competent than women to practise some physical jobs. It is true women can compensate for their lack of strength with other abilities but it don't substitute strength. On the other hand, there are jobs women are better at.

Well, I don't say these differences explain and justify the fact that women and men are not equal at their work. I think the tradition is responsible for that. I can't deny women were often treated differently in the past. I know if a woman has more difficulties so as to obtain some jobs it is not always because she is less competent. It is also due to tradition and the inequality that still exists between men and women at work.

That's all for me. And you, what do you think about that? In your turn.
Modifié par bridg le 16-12-2006 22:07

Please to pay attention. No words or ideas likely to upset anybody. Different communities intervene in this website thank you for respecting each of them with moderate comments and without ethnic debates.
Thank you.

Réponse: a very little essay de amigowhite, postée le 16-12-2006 à 20:44:48 (S | E)
In my opinion men and women are not different but complementary.A women ,a symbol of affection,tenderness and love.A man , physical strengh and protection .It happens that in real life they both change roles ,but for nature's equilibrium it's so nice to respect this pattern as it has been decided by God.
Who can ,better than a women,be a patient teacher,a tender nurse and who can better than a man be a skillful mechanic or fireman. It doesn't mean that both cannot be successful in those jobs ,but who else than a woman can take care of a sweet baby.(don't tell me the man,you will lie to yourself )back to nature is all what this planet needs.

Réponse: a very little essay de vieuxmamadou, postée le 16-12-2006 à 21:53:10 (S | E)
So well people see so much strife in about the equality between women and men ,nowadays we can tell say that women are be able to take the sames places that as men. For example we can see that now the women are on at the head of some countries.
As she they can take the same places , women are better that men in certain jobs because many men who take very important places are so corrupt and it 's so different with women who often work nicely

Modifié par aimen7 le 17-12-2006 13:00

Réponse: a very little essay de diane2, postée le 24-12-2006 à 17:11:39 (S | E)
Hello fenics,
I agree with you, but in my opinion efforts toward promoting gender equality
have to be improved everywhere in the world and specially in the world of work.We know that the number of students girls in universities and high schools
has been growing steadily for more than a century,and boys has remained more or less level during this time; maybe because boys are more apt to have poor grades. Women will be better equipped for the news jobs of the 21th century, in wich brains count a lot more than brawn. In Britain far more women than men are now training to become qualified professionals.
Men are more likely to opt for doing that wich can lead to a higher salary ,taking on more hasardous assignment or working in unpleasant environments. Women by contrast, are more likely to seek careers that are more fulfilling, flexible and safe.
Modifié par bridg le 24-12-2006 17:14
Here we don't talk about women's rights but the differences between men and women at work.
Modifié par diane2 le 25-12-2006 02:54
Modifié par bridg le 25-12-2006 09:03
Thank you



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