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Exposé /The Banqueting House
Message de lizie posté le 05-01-2007 à 15:27:35 (S | E | F | I)

j'aurais voulu savoir si se serait été s'il était possible de m'aider en me disant si mon exposé est comprehensible et s'il n'y a pas de fautes de grammaire, s'il vous plait, je vous remercie beaucoup!!


1ere image:---<<<
We have to prepare a short presentation on « the BANQUETING HOUSE ».
It is a historic royal palace.
One of LONDON’s hidden treasures in the heart of historic WHITEHALL, the BANQUETING HOUSE is renowned for its art, architecture and intriguing history.
It is within easy walking distanceof horse gars parade, the HOUSE PARLIAMENT, WESTMINSTER ABBEY and the LONDON EYE.

2éme image----<<
INIGO was born in 1573 and he was died in 1652.

3éme image--<<< élévation of the penultimate

In 1619 INIGO JONES began to design a new banqueting house for JAMES 1 after fire had destroyer an earlier banqueting house on the same site. JONES has been appointed surveyor of the KING’s Works in 1615 and in this capacity was to design not only the banqueting house but also the QUEEN’s house in GREENWICH and the QUEEN’s CHAPEL at ST JAMES’s PALACE.
Work began in june 1619 and the intention was to complete the building by Christmas 1620, but various difficulties with the supply of stone and qualified masons menant that it was not finished until enrôlé 1622. It cost. The vast sum of (pound) 15,618 14s.
The banqueting house must have appeared quite revolutionary alongside the rambling TUDOR PALACE of WHITEHALL. It was the first major classical building completed in ENGLAND based on principles derived from The ROMAN architect VITRUVIUS and his 16th-century ITALIAN followers. This style was to become know as PALLADIAN, after the influential VENETO architect ANDREA PALLADIO.
JONES based his design on the idea of a great ROMAN basilica, or hall, to which he added a restrained classical exterior using modern examples he had sen during two visits to ITALY. Originally the façade was much more coloured, using three colours of stone to differentiate its main architectural features. However, this subtle polychromatic effet was lost en the building was lost en the building was later restored using only white PORTLAND stone. Inside, the main room is but to one of the ideal proportions described
by VITRUVIUS, a double cube measuring 55 feet high.

4éme image---<<
The effet was completed with the addition of RUBEN’s great painted ceiling in 1636.
After the installation of the painted ceiling in 1635, the banqueting house ceased to be used for masques. It bécane instead the great cérémonial chamber of the court, scène of grand réceptions and the traditional ceremonies of court life.

5éme image---<<
The banqueting house consists of one great cubic room that served for royal receptions ceremonies and the performance of masques. The exterior elevation has three levels: a rusticated base; a first story with a series of windows crowned by alternating segmental and triangular pediments on brackets separated by engaged Ionic columns, and pilasters that are doubled at the ends of the building; and a second story with Corinthian columns and pilastres that correspond to those below, as do the windows (but with straight corniches), and with a garland swag tying the capitals together beneath the flat balustraded roof.
The historic royal palace is very well equipped and assures the confort of the visitors by discriminating between no person, inde the deaf perçons and visitors with disabilities have adapted equipments.

Or why not visit one of the other historic royal palace? Pend a day out to die for at the TOWER of LONDON or see the magnifient state apartments and ROYAL cérémonial dress collection at KESINGTON PALACE.
Although banqueting house housse a muséum for many years, it noiw serves its original pur posehosting formal banquets for diplomates and heads of state.
Modifié par lucile83 le 05-01-2007 15:31



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