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Nightmare of a housewife(the chores)
Message de rauzzye posté le 04-02-2007 à 09:18:19 (S | E | F | I)

Each day of my life is a painful game in which I have to conjugate the same verbs at the present continuous followed by others things worse than the first ones.Take a look at the list below and make your choices.

-washing clothes
-hanging up the washing
-cooking dinner
-setting the table
-washing up the dishes
-scrubbing the floor
-watering the flowers
-peeling potatoes
-cleaning the windows
-making the bed
-vacuuming the floor
-dusting vases

Modifié par lucile83 le 06-02-2007 08:55

Réponse: Nightmare of a housewife(the chores) de gizm0, postée le 04-02-2007 à 21:48:21 (S | E)
quelques petites fautes:
-hanguing up the washing => hanging (pas de U)
-srubbing the floor => sCrubbing (un C)

Modifié par lucile83 le 05-02-2007 16:13
No French on this forum please

Réponse: Nightmare of a housewife(the chores) de rauzzye, postée le 04-02-2007 à 22:41:56 (S | E)
à toi gizmo,je ferai plus attention désormais!

Modifié par lucile83 le 05-02-2007 16:14
No French on this forum please

Réponse: Nightmare of a housewife(the chores) de magstmarc, postée le 04-02-2007 à 22:47:53 (S | E)
rauzzye for this list
I share some of this nightmare... but I only have plants that need very scarse watering, I don't clean the windows until I really feel the urge to do so (which is not too often) and I prefer deep-frozen and already sliced vegetable mixes to avoid N°8 of your list . Otherwise I wouldn't have time for my job, children and friends on this forum
With all these tasks I hope you have one or two minutes left to sleep and join the forum !
Bye bye

Réponse: Nightmare of a housewife(the chores) de jonquille, postée le 04-02-2007 à 23:22:40 (S | E)
I, too have made my life easier! You will not find me:
.. hanging up the laundry (I use a dryer!) or
.. washing the dishes (I get my kids to do them!).
If I keep the lights down low, I can put off vacuuming even longer!

If I had to spend all my time doing those chores, I'd never have time to chat!

Réponse: Nightmare of a housewife(the chores) de mp27, postée le 04-02-2007 à 23:53:59 (S | E)
Hello rauzzi!

Out of all the chores you've mentioned, I must admit I don't mind doing the hoovering at all (the word "hoovering" is well established, and "vacuuming" is awkward to pronounce...). When you have a baby in the house, the sound of a vacuum cleaner is often enough to put him/her to sleep! It's lovely to go round a large carpet with a vacuum cleaner, but it's rather awkward to hoover a staircase! I hate that job! Vacuum cleaners have wonderful attachments, these days, to reduce your dusting and to make it efficient and enjoyable.

My washing machine is a faithful friend, always there when I need it, and my tumble dryer does a good job in the wet weather. I never scrub my floors! The tiled floors are only in the kitchen and bathroom and are not a problem to sweep and mop. The vacuum cleaner takes care of the other floors and its attachments swallow the dust! I do enjoy preparing vegetables, because I love them. It can be time consuming, yes, but.... I love making fresh soups, and my family and friends love them too, so, the peeling, chopping can be enjoyable, smells lovely and is worthwhile.

Making beds, these days is done very quickly as I no longer have a top sheet plus blankets, but only a fitted sheet plus a quilt (also called "duvet" in UK et "couette" in French). I hate putting the quilt case on, when it needs changing!
Watering the flowers? Do you mean changing the water of a vase? That doesn't take very long to do. On the whole, I love having a few indoor plants that flower a long time, like the orchid I've had since the beginning of November and is still in full bloom! Such plants don't need a daily care and are always beautiful to have around.
My husband helps with cooking, clearing the table and washing the dishes... and... he knows how to make our daily bread with a bread maker. To be honest, it takes about 3 minutes to get the ingredients together and to set the timer! I can't even call that a chore...

As a rule, my family and my friends are more important to me than the dust floating around and settling on the window sills. As for the windows.... well, the rain washes them, and they are done occasionally, of course (it's not a matter of "daily routine").
What isn't done today can still be done tomorrow, or next week. If I haven't got time to prepare an elaborated meal, I always go for something simple and healthy. By the way I don't bother baking cakes! Life is too short to get too worried or obssessed about the so-called “housewife chores”. Besides, there is a whole variety of "activities" that attract me and fill up my life!

Bye for now rauzzi!
It smells gorgeous all through the house as the bread is nearly baked!

Réponse: Nightmare of a housewife(the chores) de rauzzye, postée le 05-02-2007 à 00:45:44 (S | E)
Hi,I can say that you are really lucky!!!you can avoid doing 3 or 4 of those chores!!!!Although I have all the electronics things called microvaves,dishwasher,washing machin and what else,I have to be physically present.I think you have given me some nice ideas to get rid of this nightmare.You are right mp27:life is too short...But I have to tell you a secret:since my inscription to the site I don't care any more.I lock the door of the study behind me then :good bye chores!!!!!

Réponse: Nightmare of a housewife(the chores) de magstmarc, postée le 05-02-2007 à 10:14:24 (S | E)
I do the same !

Réponse: Nightmare of a housewife(the chores) de nanette33, postée le 05-02-2007 à 10:39:55 (S | E)
It's a wise decision
There are so many more interesting things to be made!

Réponse: Nightmare of a housewife(the chores) de englishlearner, postée le 05-02-2007 à 12:31:34 (S | E)
Hi every body

thanks to internet and especially to this site which changed our life by changing our habits, but I have a question what the housewife's spouse did when she made those "ing + nouun" nightmares?

don't tell me he makes "ing+noun" sweet dreams as
watching a rugby match
smoking a cigar
chatting with his friends...
NB: can we say househusband for the housewife's spouse??
Modifié par lucile83 le 06-02-2007 08:52

Réponse: Nightmare of a housewife(the chores) de rauzzye, postée le 05-02-2007 à 22:19:57 (S | E)
Hi englishlearner,when the housewife is doing all these chores ,her husband is on business trip or at the office, but when he is available ,it's with pleasure he replaces her.I think that "house husband" exists and can be used to talk about the spouse (husband) who stays at home ,takes care of the kids ,cooks (all the traditionnal things a wife does).In that case he doesn't have another job.
Modifié par lucile83 le 06-02-2007 08:54

Réponse: Nightmare of a housewife(the chores) de titine27, postée le 19-02-2007 à 15:48:57 (S | E)
Ladies...a trick...There is a new vacuum cleaner,you plug...and it works ALONE,unfortunately it doesn't go upstairs (Sorry MP)
(I don't know its price ...I suppose it's very expensive)
St Valentine's Day is over...What a shame! Maybe next year !
Modifié par lucile83 le 19-02-2007 16:52
That's not a gift !!!

Réponse: Nightmare of a housewife(the chores) de lucile83, postée le 19-02-2007 à 17:02:42 (S | E)
Other tricks young ladies :
You don't spend your time on your computer, you work
You don't cook the dinner or lunch, you let it burn
You don't make your bed, anyway it will soon be a mess
You don't set the table, it 's time for you to ....have some imagination
You never do the ironing, his marvellous shirt might be burnt
and so on ....
Have a nice evening

Réponse: Nightmare of a housewife(the chores) de rauzzye, postée le 19-02-2007 à 17:54:51 (S | E)
Hello titine27,

I totally agree with lucile83 : A new vacuum cleaner ,no matter its performance ,can't be a Valentine's day's gift .That's not romantic !
See you soon.



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