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All your questions about the English language, no French allowed.


please help me
Message de djidji posté le 11-02-2007 à 20:30:07 (S | E | F | I)

I'm studying foreign languages ,but to learn these and have the ability to speak them very well, I must do many things, among others, it's very important to read books to have good expressions .

But the great problem I have is that I can't read and I can't make up my mind to read even a newspaper article ...
So what do you advise me to do ?(
Thank you for helping me
Modifié par bridg le 11-02-2007 20:31

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Réponse: please help me de bridg, postée le 11-02-2007 à 20:38:54 (S | E)
We can't help you. if you must read to succeed and you don't want to do it you'll have two ways
The first one = to stop your studies
The second one = To give you the best and accept to read during your studies.
See you

Réponse: please help me de roco52, postée le 11-02-2007 à 21:21:56 (S | E)
Dear djidji!

Perhaps you can try that one. Before you start reading, choose your best comfortable chair and sit down. Imagine you are in a movie theatre room and you are going to see a good film. Start reading and recreate the action in your head with the stars you like, females and males.
The article or the book you are reading is your screenplay.
Now you can imagine the location ,the scenery, the colors and all the things you want about the text you are reading. Imagine you are the witness of the scene.
Try it
Good luck
See you
Modifié par lucile83 le 12-02-2007 09:07

Réponse: please help me de amigowhite, postée le 13-02-2007 à 20:42:19 (S | E)
Nobody can teach you the love of reading but yourself,try to choose interesting stories. AS roco52 told you, the aim of reading is not only to learn a language but also develop your imagination. If you are romantic try to read a romance or read something which suits your personality. Just give it a try.
Good luck .

Réponse: please help me de dadpearl1, postée le 14-02-2007 à 14:52:58 (S | E)
Hi.There are a couple of things we know we must do but sometimes we do not have the will to do them.
Learning a foreign language is not always easy.You need the reading,listening,speaking,writing...skills.
It is up to the learner to have the desire to make it and by working i think he can.
My friend if you want to do what you want do you have to do it.
A Togolese proverb says "a person who doesn't want to have his hair cut can not be forced......"

Réponse: please help me de andau, postée le 22-02-2007 à 18:01:28 (S | E)
You need to learn, learn. You can't do anything else. If you want, take one of your friends and you will study with him. It could be easier for you.

Réponse: please help me de hamdouchi, postée le 24-02-2007 à 16:53:11 (S | E)
I advise you to give up reading books until you feel that you need to read.
Then all the things you'll read will rush to your mind.

Réponse: please help me de jmac01, postée le 02-03-2007 à 18:02:27 (S | E)

Can I advise you to read 'Matilda' written by Roal Dahl?
In English, you'll like it! I've read it myself, and I can tell you it is a very good book!

If you don't like it, try 'David Copperfield' written by Charles Dickens or 'The BFG' written by Roal Dahl. You can try 'Christmas Carols', written by Charles Dickens too (choose the short version, in easy English, I think it's better).

I really hope you'll read these books!


Modifié par willy le 02-03-2007 19:26

Réponse: please help me de tonghui, postée le 13-03-2007 à 13:50:52 (S | E)
I have the same problem.In the same time help me.

Réponse: please help me de yat006, postée le 14-03-2007 à 12:23:53 (S | E)
my nickname is yat006.
I'am a studier,and I want to help you if you are ready!
About your problem,I advice you to learn english when you have free time.
You must speak english with english friends in net.
You must also be patient because it is not easy to learn another language than the mine.
If you are a winner,you will get succeed!
Thank you and see you!

Réponse: please help me de coralie96, postée le 14-03-2007 à 15:31:22 (S | E)
Have you tried 'Talking books'? These are books on tapes or CD, not quite the same as reading but it could be a start. Having said that there is nothing like a good book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Réponse: please help me de zillar, postée le 02-04-2007 à 23:36:23 (S | E)
I guess you have paid too much attentiong to the grammar and the new words that you don't know yet.If that is ture,try to foget that you are an English learner,just find out the interesting points of the should try to learn how to enjoy the story happened to the figures in the news or the article but not the sentences and words.Good luck on your study!

Réponse: please help me de sophie72, postée le 20-04-2007 à 10:45:13 (S | E)
I think you should read some document in english and try to speak when you have someone who can help you.
Good lucky

Réponse: please help me de correy, postée le 20-04-2007 à 19:05:12 (S | E)
i m sorry but i don't really undestand your problem, you are studying a lunguage, and you do't know how to applicate what you learn, sorry but what are you doing, when you ask questions on internet? you practice!
you've got films in english, you've got knews papers, you've got many things that can help you, so you just have to choose....

Réponse: please help me de sokoreine, postée le 11-05-2007 à 19:22:11 (S | E)
Hi. I think that you have make efforts to get your mind open when you are reading. Get your mind free, empty. Don't think about anything else. You will be able to read easily like this. Reading is good for your if you really want to improve your english. And when you are reading, a dictionnary must be beside you in order to check any word that you have never seen and you don't know. All these things can help to get your english improved.

Have a nice evening

Réponse: please help me de nguyentrang, postée le 15-05-2007 à 19:04:07 (S | E)
Frist,u can choose the simple,bilingue books that u like.For eg,comics,magazines also the books for children.Bit by bit u'll remember the sentences used evevery day

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