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Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais
Tout ce qui a un rapport avec l'apprentissage de l'anglais: grammaire, orthographe, aides aux devoirs, phrases etc.


correction d'un rapport
Message de pierre55 posté le 27-02-2007 à 10:32:12 (S | E | F | I)

Bonjour. Peut-on m'aider à corriger mon rapport s'il vous plaît.
Hi! My name is Pierre and I went to St Louis in the country of Missouri in the United States. That was my first travel out of France and that was so fabulous. It was the first time I changed totally of culture .I went in my family during 5 weeks. I had to do this travel long time ago cause my sisters went there when they was young, I was the last of my family who had to go. I was so exited to do this travel and met my family. I made a lot of friends and I regret to don’t learn my English lesson during school cause at the beginning, that was so hard to speak and understand but that was ok….

So for the beginning of my rapport , I’m going to tell about traveling in plane. I found that very interesting… I went to the airport Charles de Gaul in Paris 2 hours before the starting of my plane. That was pretty big and these lot of people but I arrived to find the place where they record bags. After I had to do a small interview where a man ask me some questions like if I wanted to go to America in order to find a job (cause you can’t work in the united states if you don’t do a long request to have a special visa), and other crazy question like if I had study terrorist lesson or if someone gave me a present in the airport and where I went and many other question. I began to see the fear of the Americans since the 11 September and the strict security they have . I remember the difficulty to have my passport, too long time. So after this interview I had to pass in a detector of metals , ok , I can understand reasons of that ,but before pass in it, you have to take off your hat, your jacket, your main bag, your shoes , your belt . It was so crazy!!! And just before I came back, a new law was accepted , now you don’t have right to take liquid substance in the plane cause they found a group of terrorist who had plan to make explosive with liquid hiding in tube of toothpaste or in shampoo. They refuse to live a situation like the attack of the twin tower which explains this strict system of security. But French system is very strict too, when I come back to Paris, all of passengers was blocked at the exit of the plane during one hour cause a person lost his bag in the airport and they believe that could be a booby-trapped bag.

So it was the first time for me I took plane , my company was American air lines , and I was very scared about it. My travel during 7 hours from Paris to Chicago and one hour and half from Chicago to St Louis. That was so long and uncomfortable. I was in the middle just between two people. I met my first American person in the plane, she was just on my right and we begin to talk about some simply thing in English like where I from and what I ‘m studying and that was cool, she said I speak good English and I understood pretty good. In the plane , to spend time , I watched movies and I eat the bad food hostess gave us. And I travel just above the Greenland and that was so awesome, I could see the snowing mountain with the clouds at the top of it. So beautiful. So when I arrived to the airport of Chicago, I was very much surprised cause that was so big. I had to took a metro in the airport to go to my gate. Normally I should wait 2 hours for my other plane but it was late of 2 hours , so I walked in the airport during 4 hours and by some food and it was of course boring. I could see already the big American life with many shop and fast food in the airport. For example of their big life, in France, I saw I think about 2 or 3 limousines in my life, and just when I was in the airport I saw 2 limousines in the outside . I could see so some fat Americans people because it’s true, American people are fatter than us but they assume totally their weight.

Then, when I arrived to St Louis with 2 hours late, it was midnight and my family was waiting for me. Between the France and the Missouri , you have a time shift of seven hours and I was very tired. I was very anguished before met them because I just met them some time in my life and it was long time ago and so I didn’t know them. In fact, it ‘s the sister of my grandfather, Josette who left France when she was young with an American who met her in France. He was in France for military reasons and then ,when he had to come back ,after the world war ,in the United States, she decided to follow him and live in America. She changed all her life. She speak currently French and I loved speak in French with her some time, when I saw her, cause that rest my head because when you are always concentrate to traduce in your head what people are saying to you, that’s so difficult and tiring . So they had 4 children (Michael, Annette, Madeleine and Christine) who now all have more than 3 children each, thus I have a lot of American cousin but I can’t met all of them during my travel. Then when I arrived to St Louis, my grand aunt was here with her daughters Annette and Christine and Christine’s son Nicolas alias Nick. My first rapport with them was cool, they took me in their arms and that was very cordial. I was reassured. My cousin Nick with whom I went to spend a great part of my holiday looked like a cool and friendly person. They ask how was my travel in plane and if it was boring to wait at the Chicago airport. Then, they explained to me where I went to live. They just said I was going to spend time, as I wanted , at Christine house for a while, and after go to my other aunt Madeleine. So I took my bags and we rode to Christine’s house . It’s sited in St Louis in the neighborhood that call southwest garden. My grand aunt was driving in a pretty big car and it was with automatics rapports, of course like many American people have.
St Louis is a pretty town. It ‘s situate in the Missouri that is the 24th state admitted in the federation of the united states in 1821 ,by the treaty of Missouri , as an states with slavery. This region was probably known by the Spanish in 1541. St Louis count 352 572 people. It ‘s the 18th biggest agglomeration of the united states with 2 848 399 inhabitants in 2005. It ‘s sited on the open rive of the Mississippi, the biggest river of united states (2.350 miles). I ‘m going to tell about the story of St Louis . This valley was called Louisiana after King Louis XIV. In 1699 , a settlement was established across the river from what is now St Louis . The French made a group of fortress there. The French Pierre Laclède, the August 3, 1763, went there with goods to change with the Indians against fur. He found in December 1763 a favorable site to install a warehouse and finally, he began his construction the February 14 1764 with a young boy August Chouteau. P.Laclede who was back to the New Orleans, came back in April 1764 and baptized this site St Louis. He gave a place for his house, his warehouses, and a place for a church and a cemetery. The old cathedral is at the same place today. After the treaty of Paris in 1763,after the France lost the war, they lost all his possessions in America and the Louisiana. The territory of the east rivet was given to the England, and the territory of the west rivet was given to the Spain. So at this time, St Louis is Spanish. The September 3rd ,1783, the treaty of Versailles which declare the independence of the United States , gave the Florida to the Spain whom gave again , to the France of Napoleon , the Mississippi west rivet. Napoleon preferred to sell all west territory to the United States because he needed money to fight against the English. The sale of the Louisiana in December 1803 let the time to the president Thomas Jefferson to organize the expedition of the West side on the direction of Meriwether Lewis and the captain William Clark. They go up the Missouri until the Pacific Ocean. They started in 1804 and they came back in 1806. The Gateway Arch , work of Eero Saarinen completed in 1965 , is the symbol of the opening of the West. Owing to the fact that St Louis is sited on the Mississippi, that give it a great commercial advantage. The pioneers in start to the West came to St Louis to make provisions. St Louis was going to be quickly an important commercial city. A lot of immigrant was coming (much of Italians and Germans ) at the end of the XX century. St Louis continued to industrialize itself. Now, these several university , the both most famous are St Louis University and Washington University. The beer industry was very important at the XX century, but the prohibition of alcohol oblige the brewer to close. Actually, the bush brewery is the biggest in the world , they cross the prohibition period in selling gas drink. I find it’s a pretty town with a lot of greenery and parks. The most famous of their is the Missouri Botanical Garden. Founded in 1858 by St Louis philanthropist Henry Shaw, the 75 acres (30 hectare) garden opened to the public in 1860. It was a fantastic garden but apart being a beautiful garden , my friends explained to me it’s also a place of great educational interest. The park contains more than 11.000 species of plant life which make a fantastic world scent. The most remarkable feature is the Climatron. The Climatron, built in 1960 with its pretty architecture is the world’s first climate-controlled dome greenhouse. Covered with a plastic skin, it is able to simulate seven different climates and is used to display a wide variety of tropical plants , it contains more 4.000 rare plants.

Modifié par whynot95 le 27-02-2007 12:27
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