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Message de virginia posté le 2004-06-23 23:54:49 (S | E | F | I)
What is your favourite style of movie? Could you explain why? What is your favourite movie?
Try to develop a little bit your answer, we are here to write in English! ;-)
See you!

Réponse: re de chrisg, postée le 2004-06-24 00:41:44 (S | E)
Your "Try to develop a little bit your answer, we are here to write in English" must be for me ... am I wrong ? )))

Ok ... so ...
"Gone with the Wind" .. because ... err .... vivian leigh ? Clark Gable ? The neverending story ? I don't know exactly ???

Réponse: re de virginia, postée le 2004-06-24 01:12:26 (S | E)
You're right!
You've a spirit of deduction which is... fantastic! I'm impressed, honestly! ;-)
See you!

Réponse: re de chrisg, postée le 2004-06-24 01:49:26 (S | E)
please, stop making fun of me ...

Réponse: re de brunk, postée le 2004-06-24 10:32:07 (S | E)
hey virginia and chrisg,
so, what is my favourite style of movie ??? .. well, I am not sure I like a specific syle of movie.. To give an overview, here are some films I really appreciated : Cidade de deus (brazilian film), the big lebowsky, Bowling for colombine, kids, memento...
I also like some quite classic action movies like matrix, alien, starwars
, some comic ones like 'la classe americaine', 'dude where is my car' and , of course, some oldies (back to the future..)

To talk about directors, I was stuck by the talent of Quentin Tarantino and I am a big fan.. from pulp fiction to the last kill bill.. He always creates an amazing atmosphere in all of his movies and explores the nature of each characters.. I think he also understands the real impact of the music in the way the audience feels the film. He did prove it in his last one called kill bill where, especially for the scene of the alive burial, the soundtrack is really absorbing and captiving.

I tryed to developpe my answer a bit and not to make too many mistakes in my writing.. tell me what you think or if you saw some of the movies i talked about ;) but thats just my point of view ! (I still recommend you to have a look at Cidade de deus called 'la cité de dieu' in french which is a real good movie from a real good director !)
take it easy

Réponse: re de virginia, postée le 2004-06-24 14:37:57 (S | E)
I've no favourite type of movie: the only thing a movie should do is to fascinate me. I need to be convinced or at least it should make me laugh or cry or...
I haven't seen 'Kill Bill' because some friends told me there was a lot of blood... and I don't like it. I've seen 'Star Wars', 'Matrix' and 'Bowling for Colombine'. I didn't enjoy the last 'Matrix', I love when the end is clear.
I watch 'B. for C.' to have some ideas about the paranoia in the US. I also watch 'Bloody Sunday'. I liked it, but when I went out of the pictures, I wanted to kill the first serviceman I met! I was so angry against the British soldiers of the time!
I just come back from the cinema. I've seen 'Shrek 2', it's like the first one, but there are more jokes. However there was not the surprise effect of the first movie and I found that it was maybe a little 'too much'.
My favourite movie is 'the Barber of Siberia'... I agree that it's full of romanticism, but it's my favourite. I've never been more moved by a movie! When I watch it I can think for hours about it!
See you!

Réponse: feel free de brunk, postée le 2004-06-25 12:10:07 (S | E)
hey ! Does some1 else want to share his feelings about cinema, movies and directors ???
feel free !!!

Réponse: re de virginia, postée le 2004-06-30 09:42:16 (S | E)
From Sunday to Tuesday took place the French annual festival of cinema. You paid a full ticket to have pass and then you pay 1,5 Euro for each film. I decided to see "Kill Bill volume 1" and "Kill Bill volume 2" in the same day. I had refused to see it because some friends told me it was very bloody.

Yesterday I changed my mind. I took my bike and I went alone to the pictures. It was in English with French subtitles. I found it very strange. Many flash-backs, passages in black and white. The movies are divided in chapters which are unequal. Sometimes the lines or character's behaviour are ridiculous notably the passages typically 'manga'. The first film has a lot of action, many fights whereas the second one is more divided between speech and fighting.

To conclude, I liked it. It won't be my favourite one nor will it go down in history but if you love fights and fighting philosophy I advise you to see it.

See you!

Réponse: re de gizm0, postée le 2004-07-01 10:04:08 (S | E)
I like horro movies, & thrillers! I like when there is alot of suspense & when I get frightened many friends prefer romantic or comedy movies, but I don"t.



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