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Message de chris29 posté le 2004-07-29 23:29:41 (S | E | F | I)
What kind of english written books do you enjoy.
I prefer detective stories or thriller.

Réponse: re:Books de pitchoon, postée le 2004-07-30 11:11:09 (S | E)
I love detective stories and thrillers too, particularly those written by women, such as Barbara Vine, Elizabeth George... I think there is usually more suspense and they are psychologically more interesting. I have also read books by Harlan Coben, who I really recommend.

Réponse: re:Books de mariet, postée le 2004-07-30 12:59:38 (S | E)
For answers about detective stories :

Réponse: re:Books de brunk, postée le 2004-07-30 14:09:52 (S | E)
I am reading 'stupid white man' from M.Moore for the time being

Réponse: re:Books de puma, postée le 2004-07-30 14:33:24 (S | E)
I like British English. And what about you ?

Réponse: re:Books de failte, postée le 2004-07-30 14:46:55 (S | E)
I'm fond of detective stories too. My favourite author is Ian Rankin because his books take mainly place in Edinburgh and I'm just in love with this city... and with Scotland !


Réponse: re:Books de chris29, postée le 2004-07-30 16:51:15 (S | E)
I read "the Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown, which I recommend to everybody who like detective story. It's really gripping because you have to work out riddles with the heroes, the story take place in Paris and in the world of arts and History.
I'm reading "City of ones " by Michael Connely. It's pretty easy to read but less interesting according the plot.
The next one will be "the murder room" by P.D. James that take place in London. I've never read a book written by this writer; does anybody know him?

Réponse: re:Books de joy813, postée le 2004-07-30 17:18:57 (S | E)
I read Penguin Readers collection :

The texts are simplified and there are 7 levels (from easy to advanced).
Each book has an introduction and extensive activity material.

Have a look on the web site


Réponse: re:Books /chris29 de failte, postée le 2004-07-30 18:11:07 (S | E)
P.D. James is a woman. P is for Phillys. I like her books especially the ones with Adam Dalgliesh. They are easy to read in English. The plot is often in the high society in London.

Réponse: re:Books de monik, postée le 2004-07-30 21:31:33 (S | E)
I like short stories (fiction). What would you recommend? (Intermediate level). Thank you.
To Joy813 : Could you tell me what title(s) you enjoyed the most, there are so many on ! Thank you

Réponse: P.D. James de mariet, postée le 2004-07-30 23:56:00 (S | E)
I like P.D. James detective stories a lot. If you want to know more about her and what French critics have said about her books, you can go to :

Réponse: re de virginia, postée le 2004-07-31 10:18:50 (S | E)
I love when the story has a tricky plot and when the author misleads the reader till the very end of the book. That's always more interesting than when we already guess what's going to happen.
Unfortunately I don't have time to read books chosen by myself because I've already many books to read for the university... And if they belongs to the best known... They are not obligatory the most attractive!!

From these ones, I really enjoy Salman Rushdie's Midnight's children and Wilkie Collins' Woman in White.

Réponse: re:Books de monik, postée le 2004-07-31 10:54:57 (S | E)
I took a huge note of your different authors and titles. You succeeded something : I "must" go and discover your "gripping detective" druggs... You feel so addicted ... brrrr ! (english onomathopoeia?). Thank you to all.

Réponse: re:to Monik de joy813, postée le 2004-07-31 11:33:37 (S | E)
Well, I read a lot of books ...
I liked :
Rain man
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Seven: detective story
On the beach: about a nuclear war


Réponse: re:Books de monik, postée le 2004-07-31 12:59:00 (S | E)
Thank you Joy... I'm going to try one of those...

Réponse: re:Books/mariet de chris29, postée le 2004-07-31 15:06:49 (S | E)
Thank you mariet for the address of P.D. JAMES biography, I'm looking forward to reading her book.

Réponse: re:Books de failte, postée le 2004-07-31 21:07:38 (S | E)
You're right: P.D. James is a great author.

I like detective stories because it's often easy to read in English. And I prefer when these stories take place in the UK. It reminds me of places or landscapes I saw during my travels, even if there are still lots of places I've never been yet!

So I read books by Ian Rankin, A. Christie, Martha Grimes, Mark Billingham, Michel Faber (a Dutch writer who moved to Scotland and writes now in English), Val McDermid, PD James, Marianne Mac Donald, Ruth Rendell (but her books are not my cup of tea...), and Charles Palliser (The Quincunx was a fabulous book even if not a detective story). Many others but I can't remember all of them.

Do you know other authors whose stories take place in the UK?

Thanks a lot!


Réponse: re:Books de aodglas, postée le 2004-07-31 21:14:51 (S | E)
I like Elisabeth George too. I read some books in French.(may be, in a few years in English).
What do you think about Oscar Wilde?He's a famous one.isn't he?
To joy813 thanks for penguin web site
To mariet: I'm going to take a look on


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