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Message de maureplain posté le 2004-04-24 18:40:15 (S | E | F | I)
Does someone know the meaning of :

"I don't know who he is, I've never clapped eyes on him but my daughter would give her eyeteeth for a smile from him"

Réponse: re de chrisg, postée le 2004-04-24 22:05:36 (S | E)
"Je ne sais qui c'est, je ne lui ai jamais prêté beaucoup d'attention alors que ma fille donnerait n'importe quoi juste pour un sourire"

Réponse: From Canada de maureplain, postée le 2004-04-25 12:12:35 (S | E)
I've just received a translation from my Canadian's penpal :

"Je ne sais pas qui c'est, je ne l'ai jamais vu de ma vie mais ma fille donnerait n'importe quoi pour un sourire de lui"

To clap eyes on something/somebody = voir qch/qqun
Eyeteeth = les canines supérieures
To give one's eyeteeth for something = Etre prêt à donner n'importe quoi pour obtenir quelque chose

Thanks, chrisg, for your translation.

Réponse: re de maryinred, postée le 2004-04-29 03:37:46 (S | E)
Never Clapped eyes on him....means she never saw him.

give her eyeteeth means would give anything (eyeteeth are the canine teeth which for animals is very important for chewing, so giving up eyeteeth is giving up something important).

Here is a fun thing to do:
Find the word or expression which is closest in meaning to the underlined one :
- He has the knack of striking a bargain.
A-he is intrusive B- he is gifted C-he is willing D-he is powerful

- I’ll need £20 to tide me over till Monday.
A-to spend B-to resume C-to live it up D- to survive

- Nobody can understand why he is so stingy in his position.
A-mean B-generous C-dedicated D-introverted

- This play is full of innuendoes.
A-references B-hints C-reminders D-reports

- The candidates were herded into the waiting-room.
A-shoved B-summoned C-crammed D-rejected

-“She gave him a piece of her mind”, means :
A-she spoke to him gently
B-she openly told him what she thought about him
C-she made him guess what she wanted
D-she didn’t say all that she wanted to tell him

He speaks pidgin English”, means :
A-his English is impossible to understand B-his English is acceptable
C-his English is grammatically incorrect D-his English is perfect

- “I’ve never seen such a teenager’s room: everything is in apple-pie order !”, means :
A-perfectly tidy and neat B-terribly messy
C-very trendy D-very dirty

“Don’t pull the wool over my eyes”, means :
A-try to convince me
B-make me dream over things that are impossible
C-give me all the details of the story
D-deceive me

- “We can swim in the river to our heart’s content”, means :
A-because we are very happy B-as long as we want
C-until we are completely exhausted D-because we like swimming

- “My son is going through a fad for hard rock music”, means :
A-he is completely crazy about it B-he can do without it
C-he doesn’t like it D-he hates it

- “I am down in the dumps”, means :
A-being completely lost B-feeling ill
C-feeling depressed D-not knowing what to think any more

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating”, means :
A-experience comes from eating pudding
B-proof of experience is worth it
C-only experience teaches you if something is good
D-eating pudding is a good experience

- “You’ll have to face the music”, means :
A-put up with the noise B-accept your fate C-be obedient D-be a conductor

“Procrastination is the thief of time”, means :
A-you should be patient
B-you should think twice before acting
C-you should do things more quickly
D-you shouldn’t keep postponing what you have to do.


Réponse: re to maryinred de ginette, postée le 2004-05-11 00:56:31 (S | E)
I did the objective test ...but I am not able to find how to do to obtain the answers ... I have gone at the address ...and saw a little hand ...and after what to do ?
Thank you ....Ginette


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